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Yamamay offers exquisitely designed clothing and accessories for both men and women

Looking for a brand of clothing that will fit you that well, and also resonate with who you are?


Many people become frustrated when they realise that some of the brands they have in their wardrobes do not offer any uniqueness or personality. If this sounds like you, we recommend having a look at the Yamamay line of clothing and accessories that we offer in our #outlets and online.


Yamamay offers exquisitely designed clothing and accessories for both men and women. Originating from the world’s fashion capital in Italy, Yamamay is now considered as an international brand with clothing that is now sold throughout the world.


The company vision of Yamamay is to create apparel that speaks to the wearer on an emotional level and garments that are not just worn, but thoroughly enjoyed and personalised.


Although the brand’s clothing is Italian designed and some of the best fashion pieces in the world, the price and quality ratio is incredible! It is, therefore, no surprise that after 15 years of existence, the brand has a massive following of loyal fans.

yamamay mens underwear

#fbo customers who regularly buy apparel from the Yamamay line state that they simply cannot get enough of the beautiful Italian designs. Technically, Yamamay is categorised as being “fast fashion” but when you consider the timeless look and the classic feel to the brand’s garments and accessories, it will feel as if you are making an excellent investment in your wardrobe each time you purchase a Yamamay item!


In terms of the clothing that Yamamay produces, you will find a vast collection of jackets, trousers, bright and colorful t-shirts, dress shirts, footwear, accessories, underwear, and much more!


When browsing the Yamamay collection, you will probably fall in love with fashion all over again!


Have you become a Yamamay fan and do you own any of their iconic pieces? If so, let us know which ones are your favorites and why you love the brand. We would love to hear from you!

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The New Randburg fbo is now open and trading!

We are pleased to announce that our new Randburg branch is now open and ready for trading! This comes as wonderful news for all our Randburg-based customers who now have the latest fashion available to them on their doorstep.


Our Randburg branch opened the day before the South African lockdown began. However, we continue to trade by following the current Covid-19 guidelines in order to keep our valued customers safe.


This is the sixth #brandoutlet that is open and trading. Conveniently located in the popular shopping mall, Randburg Square (corner of Sentrum and Oak Street). Randburg Square is located in the Randburg CBD and offers plenty of parking, as well as being close to the major transport routes, it is easy to get to for commuters.


#fbo has another five #outlets in Gauteng, including one in Lakeside Mall, Benoni, Springs CBD, the Joburg CBD, Kempton Park CBD and Pretoria Central and, following on the success of these popular stores where our customers enjoy a fabulous VIP experience, we have decided to extend our reach into the Randburg area.


Our new Randburg outlet has everything that you have come to expect from an #fbo store: great fashion from the world’s top brands all at incredibly low prices! We also offer you a convenient lay-by service when you need it so that you will never be without the items you want the most.

fbo randburg store

Our world-class fashion includes popular designer brands, such as Boohoo, Miss Sixty, Street One, S. Oliver, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Zalando, Vero Moda, Playtex, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee, Only, Mango, Steve Madden, New Look and many more.


Gone are the days when you had to scrimp and save to afford the latest styles and trends because we have plenty of options for you, regardless of your budget. At #fbo we offer up to 85% off selected items, making those highly sought-after designer pieces a reality for everyone!


Whether you are in search of that special designer handbag, those killer heels, or those figure-hugging jeans, why not visit us in our new Randburg store to make your dreams a reality? We also offer beautiful fashion that is suitable for the entire family so you no longer need to traipse from store to store as we have everything you need, all under one roof!


Not sure where to begin your designer fashion journey? If you visit #fbo, you can chat to one of our friendly and helpful assistants who would be delighted to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you could always visit our online shopping portal, where we stock the very same brands we have in our stores. This is a great option if you don’t want to leave your home!


So, if you live in the greater Randburg area and feel like doing some designer shopping at bargain prices, why not pay us a visit?

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Stradivarius appeals to every woman

We are widely considered as every fashion fan’s one-stop shop when it comes to the latest trends and styles from the top brands. In addition, we offer highly competitive prices, making us a very attractive #outlet shopping destination.


One of our current, bestselling brands is the Stradivarius line of clothing. Since this brand is not readily available with other South African retailers, if you would like to discover more about this iconic brand, take a look at our collection.

stradivarus leather suede coat

The brand itself originated in Spain as a woman’s brand. It is now owned by the Inditex brand and continues to grow from strength to strength as more people discover how amazing their apparel is.


Stradivarius appeals to every woman in that its unique style is created by listening to the different voices, energies, songs, emotions, and opinions of women from throughout the world. All these elements are mixed with the current fashion trends and the combination is a stylish and elegant line of clothing that beats to its own drum.


Looking at the Stradivarius garments you will notice that it has a beautiful and colorful Spanish flair to it. There is no getting away from the fact that Stradivarius clothing is designed by talented creators in Spain and, if you want something that is a little different from what other brands provide each season, take a look at this line.


Although the clothing in the Stradivarius brand has a distinct and one-of-a-kind look and feel to it, it is now sold in over 60 countries worldwide, which is testament to the brand’s attention to detail, commitment to quality and approach to design.

stradivarus leather suede coat

This beautiful brand consists of the most gorgeous pantsuits, dresses, footwear, blouses, accessories, and more. The colors of the fabrics are bold but still flattering and the prints on many of the items speak to its Spanish origin.


Do you like the Stradivarius brand? If so, let us know what you like most from it and if you plan to add anything special to your wardrobe this season!

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Monki clothing is fun, colorful, vibrant & something a little different

Are you a fan of the Monki brand of clothing? If so, did you know #fbo stocks a wide range of Monki clothing in our #outlets and online?


For those who do not know, Monki is a very popular Swedish brand that was founded a few decades ago by fashion lovers, Adam Freiberg and Orjan Andersson. At the time, they saw a gap in the fashion market for good quality and affordable clothing that was artsy, unique, and had a  vintage edge that would appeal to young people and older folks, alike.


Although Monki is considered to be “fast fashion”, it is surprisingly good quality for a brand that is categorised as such. Wearers of the Monki brand love the fact that their garments answer their desire for clothing that is fun, colorful, vibrant, and something a little different from the norm.

monki ladies black belted long wool coat

This range features plenty of dresses, skirts, trousers, and tops that you will not find anywhere else. The colors are flattering and the fabric patterns are beautifully-designed. These items can be worn to the office, dressed up and worn to a formal event, and also look great when worn casually over the weekend or on holiday.


The pieces that you would buy from the Monki brand are much more timeless and classic than other fast fashion brands. This is definitely one of the reasons why it is considered to be superior to other brands that offer clothing that can usually only be worn for one to two seasons before they are no longer considered stylish.

monki bodil fur jacket

When you buy something from the Monki range, you can, therefore, have that added bit of joy and satisfaction that you are actually making an investment in your wardrobe! This is exciting news for fashion lovers on a budget who are tired of having to fork out a lot of money every season for the latest, must-have items.


What are your thoughts about the Monki brand? Do you have a favorite item or signature piece? Let us know what your thoughts and comments are as we would love to hear from you?

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Comma, relaxed & casual clothing that will allow you to feel confident and bold

At #fbo, we stock a wide range of designer brands and labels. One of the brands we are most proud to stock is definitely the Comma brand which is proving to be highly popular with our valued customers.


The brand is famous for its relaxed and casual clothing that allows the wearer to feel confident and bold, whatever the situation. Their apparel is comfortable, well-fitting, and feels great when worn, although it looks fabulous as well!

comma ladies jacket

When you decide to purchase a Comma garment, you are making a great choice because the brand is committed to creating clothing that is of a very high quality that fits like a tailored item. Each garment is lovingly and carefully made according to the highest standards and Comma fans love their unique, laid-back cuts with beautiful details that make every outfit incredibly special.


As a fashion brand, Comma chooses to do things a little differently in that they fully embrace the latest styles and trends but that they put their own, one-of-a-kind spin on the fashion, making more subtle changes with the result that you have a garment that will be admired by your family and friends.

comma ladies jacket

It is therefore easy to see why Comma fans throughout the world feel that this innovative clothing brand really does offer great value for money.


So, what types of clothes can one expect from this brand? Well, Comma’s main focus is on designing feminine, casual and sophisticated clothing that ranges from pantsuits, flowing dresses, maxi skirts, pretty blouses to gorgeous handbags, and accessories.

black leopard fur jacket

If you are looking for clothing that will accentuate your best parts and one that will create a feminine and flattering silhouette, we can highly recommend this popular brand!


It is easy to spot a Comma piece as you will recognise the pretty colors and feminine prints that are the main hallmarks of the brand.


Are you a Comma fan? If so, tell us what you love most about this iconic brand and why? We would love to hear from you and welcome any questions or comments!