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Investing In Timeless Garments

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

There is a saying in the fashion world that states, “Fashion trends come and go, but great style lasts forever.” These inimitable words are so true when it comes to investing in timeless pieces for your wardrobe. While fashions may change from one year to the next, at #Fbo, we recommend having a few high quality, well-tailored and timeless garments in your wardrobe so that you will never be in a situation where you feel you have nothing to wear.


A timeless fashion piece can be described as something that has stood the test of time and continues to be an integral part of any fashionista’s wardrobe. Such garments are considered essential and are also great investments as they are usually comfortable, classy, and never go out of fashion.


So, what are items that can be considered as timeless, and is it worth investing in them? Let’s take a look at some essential fashion items that everyone should own!

The classic white shirt is the first essential item that every man or woman should have in their wardrobe. Invest in good quality, white cotton shirts, and you will have something to pair with your smart trousers, jeans, office suite, or maxi skirt. They also look great when accessorised with a necklace or scarf.


A denim jacket may have been around for decades, but it is still considered a vital part of anyone’s wardrobe. Need something to throw over your shoulders for that casual yet sophisticated look during a weekend outing? Well, the denim jacket is just the thing as it gives you a versatile smart-casual look with minimal effort. When in stock, our denim jackets are very well-priced, excellent quality, and surprisingly inexpensive.



A tailored pair of black trousers is one of the most versatile garments any woman can own. When paired with a smart shirt and jacket, you have a sophisticated and smart corporate outfit. On the other hand, your favorite black trousers can be teamed with a trendy t-shirt and your signature denim jacket for a stylish weekend, casual look. They will also be there for you when you need to attend a cocktail party, funeral, or dinner party.


Another fashion essential that every lady should have on hand is a little black dress. This iconic fashion item was created back in the 1920s and has never gone out of fashion. Make sure you have one in your clothing arsenal. At #fbo, there is always a selection of little black dresses to choose from.



Shoes should never be overlooked, and investing in a quality and comfortable pair of shoes will be an excellent investment. Men should consider a shiny pair of black leather shoes that can be worn with a suit, chinos, or jeans. A pair of great-looking, smart heels should also be in any women’s wardrobe for the office, the weekend, and everything in between. Ladies, you can never have too many pairs of shoes!


While you may own several pairs of jeans, if you own a pair of high-end, form-fitting jeans that make you look and feel great, then probably don’t need anything else when it comes to jeans! These will stand the test of time and will see you through casual Fridays at work and on shopping trips to the mall over the weekend!


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