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Outlet Shopping on a budget

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Are you on a budget but still want to benefit from everything outlet shopping has to offer? Here at #fbo, our ultimate goal is to help our valued customers have access to only the latest and greatest fashion at a fraction of the price.


#fbo fully understands the appeal of the best brands when it comes to clothing and accessories. With brand names, you have the advantage of exceptional quality, aesthetic appeal, and the peace of mind that you are wearing accessories or clothing that you know and love.


Unfortunately, these famous brands usually come at a very high price tag, making them practically inaccessible to the average person on the street. Unless you spend a large portion of your salary on high-end fashion or you only purchase one or two branded items every once in a while, you will most likely feel frustrated that your favourite brands are out of your reach.


#fbo has heard this common complaint, and, when we founded our #outlets, we aimed to address this problem. With our excellent working relationships with top brand clothing and accessory suppliers, together with our strong buying power and the fact that we buy large quantities at a time, we are able to source branded items at greatly reduced prices, and we obviously pass this saving on to you, the #fbo shopper!


In addition to this initial saving, #fbo regularly has flash sales, exclusive deals, and other savings opportunities for our customers simply because we enjoy spoiling you. That means even better prices, and you will be walking away with genuine, branded items at prices that are cheaper than non-branded goods!


This devotion to the best prices, quality, and branded items will probably come as the best news ever if you are a fashionista on a budget. You will most likely want to keep this as a secret and allow people to wonder how you always look classy, stylish, and elegant while on a tight budget. However, sharing this best-kept secret with your friends and family will be guaranteed to make you extremely popular!


We believe that if you dream of owning a wardrobe full of your favourite branded clothing that this should be possible. Regardless of your budget, our extensive range in our #outlets and on our online #outlet has something for everyone and at any price point.


When browsing our range of clothing and accessories, you will be amazed at what you can afford! Whether you are searching for a new handbag, a pair of genuine leather heels, or a Chanel dress, you will find it at #fbo.


We give you the opportunity to shop for this season’s hottest fashion items from the comfort of your own home and whenever you choose with our online store.

This means that you no longer have to hassle to get to your local shopping mall, battle the crowds of people and make do with whatever stock your local outlet currently has. This can be a disappointing experience, especially if you have spent hours looking for what you want, only to leave empty-handed or having compromised by buying something that is only your second or third choice.



By choosing to shop online with #fbo, you can do so safely and securely and take advantage of free shipping if you spend R1000 or more! Talk about saving time, money, and frustration!


If you love outlet shopping, why not take a look at our online #outlet? We are confident that it will bring a whole new dimension to the way in which you do your shopping. We love putting you in the trendiest garments while, at the same time, being 100% committed to always providing excellent quality, customer service, and value for money.


Have you shopped at #fbo yet? If so, what is your favourite part about shopping with us? Let us know as we would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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