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Cache Cache, ready-to-wear fashion at highly competitive prices

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Founded back in 1985 by the famous Beaumanoir Group of companies, Cache Cache has its origins in France where it is well-loved and highly regarded as a popular fashion brand for women.


We are proud to stock this French brand on our rails and this line of clothing has proven to be highly popular with our customers.


The brand itself consists mostly of ready-to-wear fashion at highly competitive prices, making designer clothing now accessible to most people. As a famous women’s brand of clothing, they are especially popular with young, professional women just starting out with their careers as they have a fantastic line of smart-casual and corporate wear that is both affordable and of excellent quality.


As a brand they have a lot of personality and their goal is to create no-nonsense items that are bold, unique and that cater to the ambitious young woman who has great aspirations. The garments from the Cache Cache range reflect the personality of today’s modern professional and enable you to express your own, unique character while, at the same time, falling within the rules of office wear.

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Although their approach to fashion is serious and definitely not whimsical, you can expect a Cache Cache creation to be fun to wear, easy to mix and match, and in colors and fabrics that flatter.


At fbo, we feel that this is the perfect brand to consider if you need to build up your wardrobe with corporate items. The prices are surprisingly reasonable for what you get for your money and the pieces are timeless classics that will last you for a good few years!


The range consists of plenty of two-piece suits, collared shirts and blouses, smart dresses and fantastic accessories that are pretty but professional-looking as well.


Do you have any Cache Cache items in your wardrobe? How long have you been a fan of this incredible brand? If so, which piece is your favorite and why? Let us know because we would love to hear from you!