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Are you bearing the cold weather?

Teddy Bear Coats

How many names does a teddy bear coat go by?
Faux Fur; Sherpas; and any other fuzzy descriptive phrases.

The trend began in 2016 in the US + Europe and has now remained a classic style piece revolving into different colours and silhouettes. And it’s clear to the fashion world that the appeal of the teddy coat has skyrocketed and the trend is still going strong in 2020.  The teddy coat trend revolves around cozy comfort and the faux fur jacket resembles a teddy bear: aka the name. It remains a classic winter piece which comes in all colours, styles, and structures – allowing for any person to incorporate their personal touch into the trend.

How to claw into this fuzzy trend which most fashion influencers and celebrities are wearing, bearing in mind they all wearing it in their own way! This is due to the versatility.

For classic fashionistas, the teddy coat trend can be worn in a long-line style resembling a trench coat.

Those who are into a more glamorous look can opt for the sleek fur look of the coat, and for those into the classic trend, the cropped or oversized teddy coat is the best option.

This trend expands into all sorts of lifestyle trends such as pairing it with your fitness appeal, casual street styles and proves to be a trend that everyone can partake in, making it an everlasting and classic staple similar to the leather jacket.

fbo showcases an assortment of teddy styled coats and jackets, as mentioned they even carry the name of the Faux Fur Coat which is one of our favourites. Our online and fbo outlets stock a variety of teddy coats and jackets in mid and long lengths at affordable prices. Some of the international brands are Pull & Bear, Monki, Soy Concept and more…





When you think of  winter you think of soft knit and layers but NOW it’s time to think of leather as well. This fabulous trend is going far beyond those fav pair of leather boots, but straight into pants, skirts and shirts too. Don’t be afraid of pairing a leather top and bottom – Go for the all leather look!


Leather “Black is a staple”, however browns, fiery reds, and white will be most fashion forward. Matte and high shine leathers are also both relevant and can both be dressed up or down.

  • High waisted leather tapered pants,
  • Wide legged leather pants, high waisted leather skirts
  • The legend Ladies leather boot,
  • Leather Men’s Oxford ankle boot.

How to wear leather casually…Every outfit is unique!
A demin jacket, white basic tee and a black leather pair of pants for those much needed urban street walks! #staysafe  add a pair of oversized sunnies and you will have the off duty model look.

Add neutral basics to coloured leather pants, elevate an outfit by trying a pop of colour in your leathers, and pair with basic neutrals to complete the outfit.

Add a denim shirt into the mix. …

Team leather pants with a vintage tee. …

Go for double! …

Add neutral basics to coloured leather pants. …

Try leather pants with a winter coat.

Make things fresh by wearing a emerald green turtleneck, black leather skinny pants and a pair of black-white houndstooth print ankle boots.

Must have foot wear for men this season is defiantly the oxford men’s leather ankle boot.

BALMAIN X Moto-style leather skinny pants R1499 fbo online
PIMKIE Ladies Red Leather Zip Jacket R599 fbo online
Swedish Brand Mens Black Leather Ankle Boots R699
Tamaris Black Long Leather Buckle Boots R799 fbo Online


FALL INTO AUTUMN with a gorgeous black and white pattern coat, knit or headband.

Dominating silhouettes from head-to-toe, is the high contrast houndstooth retro print.

This print never really goes out of fashion, so each item you invest in, is ideally a classic keep sake piece which can be
worn through the fashion ages…

If you like wearing vibrant garments aka colour blocking trends, then you can pair this print with one of your colourful colour choices… 
adding the houndstooth to your outfit will be a head turner. The print of the season comes in multi-colours and the classic black and white.

There’s nothing more simply fantastic than a houndstooth blazer, paired with a casual dark skinny jean and white tank
top; or to take this look to a more classic one, pair the blazer with a black pair of tailored skinny ankle trousers and white collared blouse.

And heels of course!


As a statement piece this can be worn at work or as a street style outfit – how about wearing a houndstooth long-sleeve
fit-and-flare dress. And we would love to pair this either with a Chelsea ankle boot or a white sneaker – always add an accessory like a belt in the waist or chunky gold linked chain necklace.



If you are a beginner to the classic pattern then start with accessories to test it out. A houndstooth mini purse or clutch or woolen printed scarf… with this undertone of black and white print addition to your outfit you are sure to look elegant and somewhat retro inspired.

Experiment, every outfit is unique and every fashionista needs to experiment with a houndstooth print piece.



BOO HOO RRP: R899 fbo Price: R499
BOO HOO RRP: R899 fbo Price: R499
ESPRIT RRP: R2299 Fbo Price: R699
Mint & Berry RRP: R2299 fbo Price: R699
Ladies Blouse RRP: R499 fbo Price: R169
Black Skinny Jeans RRP: R799 fbo Price R229

All blog images are for illustration only – sourced via Pinterest.
Please source the look via our fbo outlets or the fbo online store.


Colour blocking allows your outfits to look more fashion-forward and will add a point of interest to your look. Colour blocking is exploring with colours that are opposites on the colour wheel, pairing them together to make interesting combinations.


We all have a standard go to outfit, yes, those favourite black jeans! Well why not opt for a colour combination instead. COLOUR! This shift to colour will take your Autumn/Winter look to a more luxurious feel which will carry you all the way through to Spring.

Either one or both colours is a shade to make this classic combination look chic. Don’t forget that denim is also blue, and a great thing to rock this time of year!

This is one of the favorite combinations of all time and it’s incredibly chic. Both these colors are trending for the season and you can go bold with both. Try to pair a bright pink fuchsia with a bright red to really try something high fashion. Have some fun!

Our inner 15-year-old is screaming “YES.”
This Ultimate shade of luxury is the color of royalty for a reason… Go tonal in lilac; then ground with black leather. Nervous? Just add a jolt of purple via accessories. Deep purple and bright red are the dream colour team.

When you think of colour blocking you think of contrasts but one of the coolest ways to inject colour into your look is by working with colours in the same family (warm and cool). Think about it – pink and orange or pink and red are all warm colours and work amazingly when you colour block!

Like we said before, colour blocking does involve a bit of colour contrast! When trying to understand what colours work well together, think of what colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Purple and orange, for example, work well together! See how well it comes together!

ZERO Yellow Zip Jacket
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All blog images are for illustration only – sourced via Pinterest.
Please source the look via our fbo outlets or the fbo online store.