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Sponsorships and Donations

fbo supports the annual SALF fundraising campaign.
fbo partners with charitable organizations, NGO’s and people who are actively involved in our communities where our outlets are located.

Environmental Responsibility

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

fbo is aware that worldwide the fashion industry contributes massively to pollution and overuse of natural resources and are currently actively implementing and running various initiatives to alleviate further damage.
All packaging materials including transport boxes and shoe boxes are recycled through local pickers helping support families in our local community.
fbo has introduced a non woven checkout bag option for customers to purchase at a nominal fee which can be reused for shopping and carrying general goods.
All administrators are encouraged to reduce printing onto paper and use cloud-based applications for storage of data and inventory.
fbo is moving towards using digital technology to communicate promotional messages to customers versus printing loads of paper or plastic header boards and cards.
Shop soiled garments and shoes are recycled through a local textile recycling company.
Broken hangers are recycled through a local hanger recycling company.
We will continue to be mindful of our environmental footprint and reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.