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2024 Fashion Trends

Written by Elzanne Muller


Posted on January 11 2024

Renew your wardrobe, embrace your new style. 2024 fashion trends are already taking shape, thanks to the runway shows and red carpet events - just in time before we start getting tired of our current wardrobes, anyway.
In 2023, we choose simplicity over sparkle, and investment pieces over one-season wonders. The other was pure fun and nostalgia. So what do the experts foresee for 2024?
Polo Preppy
In 2024, you can play with that relaxed, moneyed aesthetic by stocking up on striped button-downs, polo shirts, academic blazers, and outdoorsy sandals. prepare to see a lot more of the humble collared cotton style. The key to making it feel effortless? Just remember to muss up your hair. No one likes a prim prepster.
Mega XL Bags
Mega bags are here to crush all of the other 2024 handbag trends. Start doing your shoulder exercises now. Your charger, diary, laptop, makeup, gym clothes, and a pack of gum finally all have a place to go. The bigger the bag, the better. It looks like the basic work tote is finally getting an upgrade.
Kitten Heels
Some of the best heels barely qualify as heels at all, so short is the stub that protrudes from their soles. Once maligned for their grandma-ish associations, kitten heels have been reclaimed by some of the most successful dressers out there. Its going to be a walk friendly 2024 with these micro-heels.
Metallic Standards
Sequins, lamé and metallic treatments never seem to leave fashion’s trend orbit. The trend can have a gladiator look—if you want to tone it down, pair metallic gold with alternate materials like denim or leather. paillettes are now showing up in looks destined both for the dance floor and the office. Why not make this your flashiest year yet?
Sheer accents
Sheer dresses, skirts, shirts and accents have proven to be one of the hottest streetstyle trends as of late and it looks like it’s not going anywhere. Whether it’s used as a cheeky peek-a-boo element or to add texture and dimension to ensembles, the versatility of this trend makes for endless fashion creations.
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