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Fall Fashion Trends

Written by Bianca du Preez


Posted on March 24 2022

You can always count on the fall season to start dressing a little bit more cozy and comfortable. But with fbo you never have to give up style for comfort. Here are a few fall fashion trends:

A little pop of red! If you are going with the neutral colours for your main outfit, then a red accessory is the perfect item to bring the outfit together.

Camel Trench Coats are absolutely beautiful and can basically be paired with anything in your wardrobe. It is a neutral colour and will complete any outfit you can dream of.

Beanies are a fall favorite every year. They are the winners of the fall season for many reasons. The best one being that you don't have to wash your hair as frequently if you will be covering it up anyway. Beanies keep you warm and will also complete a little edgy look.

One thing we have learned so far is that the older trends are coming back with a boom. The '60s are back and very chic. Contrasting colours, big white sunglasses and patterns are the secret to keeping up with the '60s.

Lumberjack plaid has been a fall favorite every single year and it is not going anywhere this year. Plaid is a good option to go to when you are running low on style ideas for a day.

A little black dress with a bright coloured jacket. Pink is going to be an 'it' colour this fall season. A great tip for this season would be to spoil yourself with a beautiful bright pink jacket or coat.

Jumpsuits are a fall necessity. They are the perfect item for weather that is still indecisive. Just add a light cardigan to your outfit in the morning and if it should get a little warmer then you can take it off but still be stylish. Style it with a black trench coat and a wide-brim hat. 

Gridlock is the ideal pattern to pair your items with. This pattern is here to stay for a while and can be used in all seasons. Gridlock is an easy pattern to up dress and down dress for any occasion.

Paisley printed sets are so much fun and can bring a lot of excitement to any outfit for any occasion! Style paisley with a neutral pair of shoes and bag to keep the focus on the paisley print.

Fall is such a fun season to start playing around with a few more items and patterns. It's starting to get a little cold so we need to add more items to our outfits and that creates a fun playground to start playing around with your style.



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