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Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback 🤩

Written by Bianca du Preez


Posted on September 21 2021

Scrolling through social media in todays day and age can be considered an Olympic sport on it's own with all the weird and wonderful styles going on.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you determine what trends are here to stay and which trends are only one day wonders.

It is crystal clear that nostalgia is key when it comes to fashion, and missing out on so much in the last year definitely contributes to the feeling of nostalgia. It is no secret that history repeats itself. You are probably aware of the fact that the 70’s, 90’s and 2000’s styles are coming back and hitting us hard!

Hopefully it's just the fun fashion and not the questionable make-up. 

The 90’s fashion is all about colour and expression, this lets us express who we are through our fashion without even having to say a single word. 

First of all, you probably noticed … baggy clothes are everything now

If you want to be perceived as a fashion forward individual, you cannot be seen in anything slim or skinny! Slim fit clothes are way to restrictive for the current way we are living and let's face it we are mostly working from home, times have changed and so has fashion.

Baggy jeans is the main character of the season, the new definition for these jeans are “wide-leg jeans” it gives an effect of a higher waist and gives the fashion star a chic look. 

The plus points of the baggy clothing is that it offers so much more varieties such as shapes, colours and materials.

These pants can also be grouped with the famous mom jeans that are high waisted straight cut pants and have a loose-fitting leg that tapers right above the ankle. These wide leg jeans can be worn with almost any shoe, from boots to sneakers or sandals.


The next big thing is Go-Go Boots

Long, short, knee-high chunky or even sleek.

If you think of a 70’s Disco, you one hundred percent have to think of the iconic white go-go boots that was a staple for all women when enjoying a night out on the town.

These boots can easily be paired with a colourful mini dress, wide-leg pants, a spaghetti top, a petit knit, floral skirt or even a matching sweat suit. The posibilities are endless.


Corduroy has been making a comeback for quite a while now. Jeans and jackets are most famous to be staple corduroy items.

Corduroy is a strong durable fabric that has a rounded cord or wave surface that is formed by a cut pile yarn. Corduroy adds an extra flair of texture to your outfit.

It was mostly used for kiddies clothing, but the fashion industry has definitely reconsidered the texture and is using it all round now.

2021 Fashion trends to look out for this Spring

We have been waiting for a little warm weather and spring is finally here!

We have kept an eye on the European and American fashion trends during their spring season and boy are we excited for this seasons trends!

Stone washed denim

Not all spring days are extremely hot, some days can be a little cooler so unfortunately we cannot go for the famous shorts and skirts everyday. The perfect trend for these days will be a stone washed denim. You can grab any jean cut that you feel comfortable and stylish in, they all come in a stone washed option. These light colours add a cute upgrade to your wardrobe!

Denim on denim is also no longer a sin, so you can easily go for a stone washed denim jean jacket while you're at it!


Woven heels and sandals

If you don't know what we are talking about, where have you been? These sandals have been climbing the trend ladder incredibly fast.

They are beautiful and playful and come in so many colours. The most popular colour pallet for these sandals are pastels and that is absolutely perfect for a season like Spring.

These shoes are super versatile and can be dressed up and be dressed down. Perfect to pair with a mini or maxi dress or even a beautiful pair of jeans.

Babydoll dress

This dress is here to stay for a while, these dresses are light, airy, stylish and super fun and can be perfectly paired with sneakers, sandals or boots. 

Babydoll dresses can easily be crowned the star of the season, woman of all body types look absolutely stunning in these dresses. You can play with so many different colours and patterns, this dress is very forgiving.


Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers are a big deal and with good reason. Sneakers in general can be paired with any outfit, but chunky sneakers just add a little bit more personality and makes the entire outfit more unique.

Chunky sneakers are available is most brands and in most colours you can think of so it is perfect to fit into any individuals style preferences. If you don't have chunky sneakers yet, you better run to an fbo store near you and get your hands on them.

Oversized Bomber Jackets 

It is no secret that we are entering the rainy season in South Africa where we are blessed with highveld showers frequently and the best thing to do is keep a jacket close to you.

The bomber jacket is incredibly stylish and can complete any outfit wonderfully. These jackets have clingy cuffs that should sit relatively tight to round off your outfit. These bomber jackets are also very trendy at the moment.


Cropped cardigans

Cropped cardigans is a vintage inspired trend that is taking the fashion world by storm. A skinny light knit with your favorite jeans or wide leg pants is a perfect outfit for a cold day. These cardigans can be anything from button-up, embellished, print of even plain.







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