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fbo VIP Loyalty Rewards Program

Written by Bianca du Preez


Posted on April 19 2022

It is finally here! A rewards program at fbo and there is lot of benefits in it for you the customer.

The first benefit is a fun one, you get a voucher just for signing up! What more could you wish for?

Another great benefit is that you will receive a voucher on your Birthday every single year as a little gift from us to you. Just to say thank you for being a loyal fbo VIP customer.

By signing up for the rewards program you will receive early access to all fbo sales! That means that you will get the first pick when we run those nice promotions like a big 50% off. ;)

Every single week you will have a little extra rewards to an exclusive fbo promotion that nobody else will have access to if they are not part of the rewards program! We want to rewards you for being part of the fbo Fam.

The best, but not the least. For every single purchase you make during a month you will be entered into a lucky draw to win big. This will also be happening every single month. 

So in a nutshell this program is rewards after rewards for you the VIP customer.



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