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How to effectively layer your Winter outfit



Posted on April 16 2021

Ever mastered the art of layering without looking too bulky? Well, class is in session gals! Once you become more comfortable with experimenting with different layering options – the process will come naturally! Follow our simple tips below.

Beige trench coat, knitted sweater, beige trousers, knitted beanie & beige handbag

Start off with simplicity. The first step to layering is choosing garments that look good in isolation too. We all know the weather has been a bit hotter than usual this time of year, making it more difficult to pair your outfit in the morning.

Start with a base. Ideally the first layer should be light, well-fitting and body hugging. For example, select a skirt or pair of trousers and short sleeve tee or short-sleeve sweater. If the temperature rises during the day, you can still rock your base outfit after de-layering. Supplement a light jacket for body hugging sweaters or a tight-fitting vest. Use colourful turtlenecks or polo-necks as a statement-making layer.

Time to layer…

Once you have your base covered, we move on to the middle layer. This is where things start getting interesting. If the weather forecast is showing sunny skies, select a cardigan or buttoned up sweater that is perfect for the morning chill, but you may want to remove by mid-day. Complete your look with a light Summer scarf. For colder weather, opt for thermal fabrics to keep the chill at bay. Since your garments become more visible, the middle layer is perfect to start introducing different patterns and textures into the mix.

For the outer layer…

Any type of coat, jacket, trench, poncho, or long cardigan can work. Think about the length of your outer layer in relation to your under layers. Going longer is the typical route, but a crop jacket may work best with your other pieces. This layer is left open to expose the layers below so consider the fit and drape of your outerwear before finalizing your outfit.

Grey knitted sweater, pink beanie, pink sneakers and grey trousers

We hope these simple tips help you to embrace your inner layering expertise! Comment below and share your tips on layering your Winter look...we would love to hear from you! 



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