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How to store your Summer clothing and gear up your Winter wardrobe



Posted on April 07 2021

When the season changes, one’s wardrobe choice naturally changes too. For instance, dresses, shorts, tanks, and tees are pushed aside for cozy knits and comfy coats when the temperature dips. If you want your clothing to stay in good condition, it is important to properly store your garments effectively during its off-season.

Follow our simple tips below on how to safely store your clothing. A little TLC during safe storage will help tremendously when the time comes to unpack again.

 Summer shorts, summer slider sandals, summer t-shirts, sunglasses and summer handbag

  1. Clean your clothing before storage

Clean clothing is less likely to attract insects post storage. Ensure you have removed all stains that could potentially darken over time. Ensure you wash according to tag instructions per garment and dry clean if needed. Clothing must be 100% dry before folding and packing to prevent moisture.

  1. Choose the correct storage for your clothing

Both plastic and cardboard containers may be used to store your Summer items, however its important to choose the right cardboard to prevent attracting insects. Cardboard can easily stain your garments too, therefore we suggest using acid free tissue paper to line the cardboard container. Vacuum seals also work well. If you use this option remember to roll your clothing as creases can be quite a mission to remove when unpacking clothing that has been stored for a long period of time. We recommend using a clean suitcase that is breathable to prevent mildew and mold.

  1. Mothballs are not always the answer

To deter insect rather opt for a cedar lined container or place a couple of cedar blocks in your storage of choice. Remember mothballs can be quite harmful to pets and children if found.

 Summer clothing hanging up on wooden hangers

  1. Hang your clothing properly

Remember, you do not need to hang everything. To prevent clothing from becoming misshapen, use all clothing loops on the correct hanger to effectively store your Summer dresses. Cover them with a breathable material garment bag and hang cedar blocks in between to deter insects. A cool, dark cupboard with ventilation is recommended to prevent mildew and mold build-up.

  1. Select a clean, dry, cool & dark place
  • Clean areas with light circulation are recommended.
  • Avoid areas exposed to high heat.
  • Areas that are wet may attract insects and encourage mold.
  • Rather opt for a dark area to prevent garments from fading

Yellow summer dress, ladies nude high heels and sequin purse

We hope these tips help you to effectively store your Summer clothing! Let us know if you have anymore tips…we would love to hear from you!



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