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New colours on the block!



Posted on April 28 2021

We have all been there, ladies. It is morning, you are already running late for work and find yourself stumped with no clue on what to wear! Our wardrobes are filled with jackets, pants, knits, trenches & so much more. However, putting all the pieces together can be fairly overwhelming.


Thankfully, there is one saviour to combat our problems. Colour blocking! Colour blocking can be described as making a statement with the use of 2 or 3 bold and bright colours. This trend has made its debut from the 1960’s and 1970’s when experimentation with clothing was a powerful act of revolution and free expression. Traditional colour blocking consists of putting together two or three different, but complementary colours together in one outfit.


Winter 2021 encompasses quite a few bright colour combos with no rules on how to mix and match them. It is time to jazz up your daily look by making use of this trend.


Colour Block Trends for 2021

  • Pink and green

If worn correctly, this colour combo can look fabulously stylish! Pair your outfit with some basic jewellery to complete your look.

Lady wearing a pink blouse and green pleated skirt

  • Green and Blue

This combo may seem a bit strange at first, but you will certainly make heads turn! The pair also has a bit of a calming aura about it. It could be the soothing blue and refreshing green that reminds us a bit about nature.

Lady wearing blue trousers with a black belt and green sweater

  • Pink and red

An all-time classic and favourite, pink and red. Red is bold, it screams confidence while pink on the other hand is soft and dainty. When mixed together, these two colours make the perfect match!

Lady wearing pink knitted sweater and red pleated skirt with leopard print clutch bag

  • Yellow and pink

Since both colours are classified as vibrant, its important to choose the correct shade for your skin tone. Yellow and pink can pull together quite a joyful outfit. No matter the occasion, you will be able to create any outfit using this colour block option!

Lady wearing pink trousers and canary yellow coat

  • Green and purple

Looking for the perfect colours to enhance your features? Colour blocking with green, and purple is the answer! This pair will certainly give you compliments when walking into any room.

Lady wearing a green skirt and lilac purple knitted sweater

  • Purple and orange

Although these two colours are a complete contrast, this combo is ideal for colour blocking. Create a chic look by supplementing your outfit with accessories and different shades of orange and purple.

Lady wearing leather orange trousers with a purple knitted sweater

  • Red and yellow

Look fabulously bright on a cold Winter’s day with this colour block combo! Both colours are beautiful and attractive to bring out a bold, colourful look!

Lady with high waisted yellow trousers and red knitted sweater

  • Green and yellow

This colour blend is not only great for Winter but fuse together perfectly for Summer too. The mix brings about a happy look. Emerald, green is very in this season and when paired with yellow…well it certainly speaks for itself! We’re in love!

Lady wearing a yellow camisole with emerald green trousers and blazer

At fbo, you will find a wide range of colourful garments to mix and match with. Experiment with colour blocking that suits your inner style guru and compliments your natural features. Happy colour hunting! 



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