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Teddy Bear Trends

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on October 01 2020

How many names does a teddy bear coat go by?
Faux Fur; Sherpas; and any other fuzzy descriptive phrases.

The trend began in 2016 in the US + Europe and has now remained a classic style piece revolving into different colours and silhouettes. And it’s clear to the fashion world that the appeal of the teddy coat has skyrocketed and the trend is still going strong in 2020.  The teddy coat trend revolves around cozy comfort and the faux fur jacket resembles a teddy bear: aka the name. It remains a classic winter piece which comes in all colours, styles, and structures – allowing for any person to incorporate their personal touch into the trend.

How to claw into this fuzzy trend which most fashion influencers and celebrities are wearing, bearing in mind they all wearing it in their own way! This is due to the versatility.

For classic fashionistas, the teddy coat trend can be worn in a long-line style resembling a trench coat.

Those who are into a more glamorous look can opt for the sleek fur look of the coat, and for those into the classic trend, the cropped or oversized teddy coat is the best option.

This trend expands into all sorts of lifestyle trends such as pairing it with your fitness appeal, casual street styles and proves to be a trend that everyone can partake in, making it an everlasting and classic staple similar to the leather jacket.

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