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The Kenzo Collection

Written by Bianca du Preez


Posted on July 07 2022


One of the worlds most anticipated collections is finally available at fbo: Kenzo’s bright coloured, animal-printed collaboration with H&M. This collaboration released only a few looks, but each and every one of these looks will definitely turn heads in your direction.

In the Spirit of Kenzo’s playful aesthetic, wild prints and creative logo pieces, this collaboration has not disappointed us at all. This eccentric collection features a lot of animal prints, hot pinks, patterns that clash and statement accessories, all these items are guaranteed to bring life to your winter wardrobe.

According to the Creative Director, the goal of this collaboration was to think big, push the boundaries and make the energy of the Kenzo brand accessible to everyone around the world. A little interesting fact is that Jessica Alba was granted exclusive early access to the collaboration, where she rocked the spliced print dress from the range on the last day of Paris Fashion Week 2016.

The purpose behind the concept of these collaborations with H&M is to offer a collection very similar to the original high-end brand’s actual collections and to target the fashionistas who cannot afford the high-end brands products, this enables the brands to cultivate relationships with more people.

Just like previous H&M collaborations with Balmain and Alexander Wang, this collaboration with Kenzo goes far beyond just apparel. The collection includes pouches and totes, fine scarves, branded gloves, hats and oversized bows, plastic hoop earrings and bangles giving an amazing 80’s vibe. All these accessories feature the signature Kenzo bring patterns.

The clothing collection is a mix of T-shirts and sweatshirts in highly saturated animal prints and the exclusive traditional Japanese silhouettes, focussing on the founder designer Kenzo Takada’s roots. Details were so important to Kenzo Takada. In this collaboration with H&M, there is a focus on little antiqued flower buttons that fasten mandarin collars and the embroidered patches were used for the logo sweatshirts. This collection is far from minimalist.

The focus of the collaboration was to make every piece matter and for fashionistas to feel like they’ve got something special from the H&M x Kenzo collection.

Finally, this collection is now available in all fbo outlets, but considering the big brand associated with it, there is no time to waste as this will sell out fast!




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