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The secret to outlet shopping

Written by Bianca du Preez


Posted on November 08 2021


As jou know, it’s no secret that we as fbo import our beautiful clothes from Europe. In a nutshell we purchase their end-of-season stock, import it to South Africa, and offer it at a massively discounted price to our local South Africans in our outlets as well as out online store.

You can find our outlets in Gauteng: Mall@Reds, Atterbury Value Mart, Kempton Park CBD, Springs CBD and Festival Mall. If these stores are to far from you or you find yourself in a different province, don’t stress! Just shop online: 

What is outlet fashion?

The beauty of outlet fashion is that it has the potential to make you extremely unique, due to the fact that we do not purchase massive size curves of one specific item. We usually receive a hand full of each item. Every now and then we receive a lot of a specific item but that happens vert rarely.

Every time we receive new stock from abroad our warehouse and head office staff is super excited and it feels like unboxing massive lucky packets, you don’t know what you are going to find inside. Our favourite boxes to unpack is without a doubt the handbags, we find amazing items from Valentino, Michael Kors, Furla, Versace, Coccinelle, Burberry, Kate Spade, Stella Mccartney, Bally, Coach and many more. We never really know what we are getting in from Europe until it is in our warehouse and we are opening the boxes.

We strive to keep our fashion brand outlet fair so that every customer has a fair chance to snatch the exclusive items we receive from Europe. We split each item we receive fairly between our different outlets. Should we only receive 6 units of a specific item, we will distribute one item to each store and one to fbo online and thereafter we spit up the items depending on the on the stores different sizes and the amount of stock that the stores can hold. Therefor you are assured that you can possibly find the same items from fbo Kempton Park that you can find from either fbo Mall@Reds, fbo Atterbury Value Mart, fbo Springs and even our newest store fbo Festival Mall.

How do I shop at fbo?

Shopping at fbo is a fun little bargain hunt on its own. The secret to shopping at fbo is knowing what you are looking for. The stores are mainly split up into different sections being men’s, ladies, evening wear and kiddies. Thereafter we split each department up into items. All the trousers will be sectioned together, the fleece and knitwear will be grouped together as well as swimwear, underwear, blouses, skirts and everything else you can possibly think of.

In the specific items sections we make it easy for our customers and try our best to colour code the rales, because every body knows what colours look the best on them. Trust us your undertones make a difference in your outfit and knowing what looks good on you and works with your skin tone is the secret to a perfect outfit combo. After we split the items up into their different colours we arrange the items by size to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect item for you.

Outlet fashion might be a little overwhelming to understand but as soon as you know how to shop in an outlet the power in definitely in your hands. Should you still struggle to find the perfect item that you are looking for you can ask a friendly fbo sales assistant to help you because they know exactly what is available in the outlets, and where the hidden gems are.

Summer 2021 fashion.

Summer 2021 is in full swing, last year we didn’t have the typical summer vacation due to the pandemic so this year we need to make up for last year. As we uncover what this new season has in store for us, we have many reasons and occasions to get dressed up and be stylish!

For a little summer outfit inspiration, we are inspired by a balance between classic style and staying powerful and fun. This summer we are going for outfits that are extremely simple but also doesn’t lack personality in the same sense. This season is all about casual, everyday items that can take you from breakfast to the beach. Think lightweight fabrics with relaxes silhouettes, embroidered bottoms, shell necklaces and woven closet staples and accessories.

We will be restocking the outlets with new international fashion shortly and just in time for your summer holiday. Remember, every day is black Friday at fbo!

Happy Shopping




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