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Written by Elzanne Muller


Posted on January 13 2023

6 ways to upgrade an old outfit with a summer scarf

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An accessory often made redundant in the summer months is no other than the trusty scarves. We often forget the potential of scarves, assuming they play their role in the colder season. However, the lighter, cooler summer scarves are a multipurpose accessory that can be used to upgrade your outfit in various ways. Also easy on the bank account, it is an affordable alternative to buying new outfits.

The summer scarf is a simple accessory that can be used to make the most basic outfit have a fresh new look. Something to keep in mind: there is no right or wrong way to use a scarf. This piece of cloth has endless creative possibilities, whether it is as clothing, draped around your neck, or even tied on your head. But to avoid heating up, it is important to choose scarves with material that is cool to the skin. It is time to remove all your favourite scarves and play around with inspirations to style up your summer look!

Even though it’s easy to talk about adding that perfect scarf to upgrade an old outfit is not so easy. Here are 6 ways tips for you!

1. Wear it as a top

Bid Adieu To Bra With Scarf Tube Top – Check Out The Latest Fashion Trend -

Wondering if you read this right? You sure did. Reworking your scarf to create various top styles seems to be the new ongoing trend on the ‘gram. There are endless creative ways to transform a longer length scarf into a halter top, crop top, tube top etc. This DIY is easy and perfect for a relaxed day out and a bonus when you are bored of your existing tops! This is a big trend among celebs as well.

2. Hair accessories

Our Favorite Summer Hair Accessories |13 Head Scarf Styles for Bad Hair Days and Beyond - PureWow

There are infinite ways to tie your scarf around your head, this could have a section of its own! Whether you have african hair, short or long this can work for you! Try wearing it as a bun add-on, a band around your forehead, head wrap, or headband. Using your scarf as a hair accessory protects you from the heat in the summer and doubles up to save you from a bad hair day. Instead of investing in store-bought clips and bands, consider tying a colorful scarf around your head as a hair tie or as a headband. All you must do is pick a small to a medium-sized scarf, roll it like a cylinder, wrap it around your head, and tie the knot where you feel best suitable

3. Around your waist

Styling Tip: How to tie a silk (Hermès or other) scarf into a belt

Wrapping your scarf to mimic a belt is great to elevate your otherwise casual look. The trick to doing this is by making a triangle from folding a square scarf. Keep folding it till you achieve the band thickness you prefer, then loop it through, or tie it around your waist.

4. Wrap skirts

Jennifer Lawrence Shows How to Wear the Scarf Dress | VogueTwo Scarves Make a Skirt - Peony Lim

For this one your will need a long scarf… the longer the better. This would require more tools such as a safety pin or fancy brooch to secure it in place. If your scarf if sheer, wearing shorts below might be a good idea. Nevertheless, the result is a new outfit! When your scarf wrap skirt is patterned ensure that your top is a block color. Pairing it with a tank top or bright shade creates a trendy summer look and will keep you feeling breezy!

5. Necktie

Four Ways to Style Silk Scarves This Summer | VALLEY Magazine

We all know that is the main purpose of a scarf – it goes around your neck. A Neck-Tie is achieved from tying a small printed square scarf around your neck. When worn, these add a striking accent to your outfit. This instantly adds some edge to any basic tank top and denim outfit. A casual, yet fashionable look to rock in the summer!

6. Layering

Summer Scarf | The Teacher Diva: a Dallas Fashion Blog featuring Beauty &  Lifestyle

A quick throw on those windy days, or probably even an afterthought, this creates a look that can be visually interesting nonetheless. This style is for those scarves with texture or interesting details. Requiring no draping or technique, it is the easiest style to adorn as a last layer to your looks. If your outfit is a bit skimpy, layering on a lightweight scarf with a print will make for a pretty finishing look. A style that will keep you cool and relaxed in the summer months. | 061 018 4732 | @fboclothing 




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