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Mango: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

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Why Mango?

The brand Mango is known and respected all over the world; there is no city or country that doesn’t know the quality and design of Mango. They have established their business all over the world and with great success.

Mango is a luxury brand that started in 1984; its first store opened in Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia. There was no stopping them after that; in 1995, the brand also launched its very first website The brand deals with clothes, accessories, and shoes. The Mango brand exudes pieces of quality and comfort, which is sometimes a hard combination to find in today’s fashion world.

MANGO became the second largest textile exporter in Spain around the year 1998. The brand doesn’t relax when it comes to evolving its products, and this is the reason why it is regarded by many as one of the best fashion brands out there.

Mango clothes is available at #Fboclothing, and we often have a wide range on the shelf in our #brandoutlets outlets.

As of today, Mango has a total of 2190 stores in 110 countries around the world; this is a small victory. The brand has taken over the world and rightly so. The design and the products created at Mango are both luxurious yet casual. You can wear this luxury in your daily life and become a fashion diva, all you have to do is to visit any of our #brandoutlets to get your Mango wardrobe going.


Mango Clothes:

You can design your whole wardrobe from Mango and not miss a thing. From dresses to jeans to tops to sweaters Mango has it all. Men, Women, Girls and Boys, Mango caters for all. Whether you are size zero or plus, you will have a field day shopping our selected Mango products in our outlets. From everyday clothing to formal attires, Mango is a brand that will never disappoint you.


Mango Accessories:

A dress or a suit can never look great without the matching accessories, and Mango knows this, so do we. #fboclothing has an assortment of Mango accessories at all its outlets.


Mango Shoes:

Leather ankle boots or long ones, sexy sandals, leather clogs, chunky sneakers, Loafers, Mountain boots the list of Mango shoe creations is endless. No matter how unique your request is, Mango will surely have a pair for you.


The uniqueness of Mango creations adds five stars to the sparkling crown of #fboclothing.