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Steve Madden Shoes

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

If anyone has revolutionized the shoe industry, Steve Madden has. Steve Madden is a name that is known for the sexiest shoes in the world. He started his venture with a mere $1100 investment in the year 1990, and from the trunk of an old car, the brand has become larger than life. For years his shoe creations have been showcased at all the significant fashion weeks including Milan and Paris. Steve Madden is truly a brand that you shouldn’t ignore. His vision and passion for beauty and styling have made it the iconic brand it is today.

Steve Madden shoes aren’t made to suit your attire; attires are designed around Steve Madden shoes; it’s a luxury brand that needs no introduction or praise; the name speaks for itself.

From the runways in Europe to our stores in Jhb and PTA

#fboclothing is proud to have the best of Steve Madden in all of our fashion brand outlets. Steve Madden shoes are glamorous, one of a kind and classy, they are the best thing that happened to the shoe industry.

His shoes are the trend setters, wear a pair of Steve Madden, and you will stay in the limelight for the whole day, they are that iconic. Millions of people follow Steve Madden, and that’s why #fboclothing is thrilled to have Steve Madden’s creations on our shelves. We love brands that are larger than life, and Steve Madden fits the bill to perfection. Steve Madden’s creativity soars around platforms as well as chunky-heeled shoes, and they are the best creations of the brand.

When we said Steve Madden, shoes are trend setters; we weren’t bluffing.

Check out our #brandoutlets at fbo Church Square or fbo Kempton Park to find your perfect pair of stylish Steve Madden sandals. These shoes are perfect for wedding and black tie events. You will steal the attention even from the bride if you are wearing one of these Steve Madden creations.

Casuals, are also available at fbo Church Square, fbo Springs and fbo Kempton Park. “The Steve Madden range of shoes are to die for and will even put Cinderella’s glass slippers to shame. Made with delicate straps and metallic tones the shoe fits the trends of 2019, minimalist is in this year.

Why would you want it any other way when you can get the best of the best at a guaranteed lower price. Your thirst for fashion can be quenched at any #fboclothing #brandoutlets, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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