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Men's Leather Shoes

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

All you need to know about Men’s Leather Shoes!

Every man needs a pair of reliable leather shoes to turn too whenever he needs to look the part. And what better shoes to turn to than a good old pair of Oxfords or Derby leather shoes. Probably the most versatile shoes you can put on your feet the Oxford and Derby shoe styles take us from school to work, stopping off at every conceivable formal occasion along the way. This history of the Oxford Shoe dates back to the 1800s when the style of shoe became popular at The University of Oxford. Sometimes they are also referred to as Balmorals because they can be traced back to footwear worn in Scotland and Ireland.

Today, Oxford and Derby shoes are available in several styles, and at #fboclothing we boast a range of men’s shoes that are elegant, formal and proper. Whether your a young professional or just someone who loves good old leather shoes, we have a range for all taste and styles.

Below is an overview of some of the styles of the more common shoes you with find at any of our #fboclothing #brandoutlets

Plain-Toe Oxford Shoes

This style of shoe is probably the most formal due to its plain-toe design. Not as detailed in its design as other styles, this plain styled shoe is a natural go-to choice for black tie and formal events. It has a sleek profile and is an excellent extension for a pair of smart pants.

Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes

This shoe derives its name from the additional piece of leather that is stitched over the toe. The cap-toe shoe is a must-have for anyone who has to dress up for work. This style of shoe is the perfect partner to a smart pair of pants, chinos, or jeans for those more relaxed occasions.

Wingtip Oxford Shoes

A less formal option the Wingtip has a decorative M-shaped toe cap with edges that extend along the sides of the shoe. Ordinarily suitable for weddings and office wear the Wingtip also comes in suede. These shoes work well as part of a smart-casual outfit.

Balmoral Oxford Shoes

Similar to wingtips, the Balmoral design also features an extended, M-shaped toe cap. Great for work, job interviews when you need to impress and those dressy evening occasions when you need to dazzle.

Whole-Cut Oxford Shoes

As the name would suggest, Whole-cuts are crafted from a single piece of leather, making the shoe seem sleek in its appearance. This style of shoe is a great all-rounder, and if you don’t want to splash out on several pairs of leather shoes, then a pair of these will serve you just fine. Whole-cuts can be dressed up and down, so their versatility makes them a must-have for any man’s closet.

Saddle Oxford Shoes

More of an American styled shoe, saddle Oxfords feature an additional strip of leather in a contrasting or complementary colour that often makes them stand out, similar to Jarmins. The extra piece runs around the middle and down the side of the shoe to its sole.

Now that you understand a little bit more about the various styles of means leather shoes, we wanted to look at what you need to think about when you are at #fboclothing to get your next pair.

How to buy men’s leather shoes!

  1. Make sure you get your sizing, right!!! The fit of your shoe should be reasonably tight, but never uncomfortable. Remember, leather will stretch over time. You also don’t want to buy them too loose because they will still stretch and eventually they will feel like they might slip off your feet especially when you try and bust a move!!! As a rule of thumb, you should have about 3-5mm of space between the two facing tabs at the top of each eyelet, and you should be able to squeeze your index finger into your shoe behind your heel.
  2. Different styles will look different on your feet, so always try them on before you buy them. The proportions of the lines will differ according to the size of your feet.
  3. Lastly make sure you check out the shape of the shoe profile, as well as the neatness of the sole and heel. Check to see that all stitching is tight and glue on soles is holding firm.
  4. Consider colour – The more common shades of black, brown and tan are classic go-to colours, but there are many other colours for the more “out there” shopper to choose from.

#Fboclothing has a superb selection of men’s leather shoes as well as casuals and sandals in all of our #brandoutlets. From lace-ups to trendy slip-ons with or without a buckle finish we will have shoes for all occasions.