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Outlet Shopping With #FBO

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

So you are a seasoned shopper and have spent countless hours visiting and shopping various types of retail fashion stores. Or you are someone who does not shop that often because you are not a fan of paying the prices charged in regular retail clothing shops. You might have heard of factory shops or warehouses that sell cheap clothing, but do you know what #brandoutlet shopping is?

As the leading retailer of international fashion brands, #fboclothing wants to give you a little bit of insight and information around what makes “outlet shopping’ the best way to shop.

When outlet stores originated, they were usually located in less glamorous parts of town. The stores were typically large, mostly unattractive warehouses filled with clothing that was either defective or of inferior quality. Just picture a massive warehouse with basic racks and rails of clothing.

Everything sold at a discount. Pricing was always linked to the quality of the product, so the less expensive the item, the more that there was wrong with it.

These types of warehouse operations do still exist, but with shoppers getting smarter and wanting better value and quality, Outlets have started to replace these warehouse operations.

We have made it our goal to bring you the best #outletshopping experience, and below are just a few benefits associated with shopping at a #fboclothing #brandoutlet.

  1. Location – Transport can sometimes be a problem, and we are well aware of the challenges faced by South African consumers who want to shop. At #fboclothing, we like to locate our #brandoutlets in relatively central areas that are easy to get to and are accessible to most of our customers by car, bus, taxi, or on foot if you live in the city. Our stores are easy to get to, and you can find our locations here.
  2. Atmosphere – You have to see it to believe it. Our #brandoutlets are large and inviting spaces that offer our customers a warm and friendly shopping experience. Music and lights fill the air of our outlets, and you will often see our customers “shopping to the beat.” Our clothing rails and shelves are merchandised to make your #brandoutlet shopping experience a memorable one with all our outlets having men’s, women’s, and children’s departments all well stocked with clothing, shoes, and accessories. With our super friendly staff on hand, you are always able to get assistance should you need it.
  3. Variety – You won’t find more international fashion brands under one roof anywhere else, so make sure you are ready to shop. Due to our extensive ranges and the number of brands we sell, you will have to be prepared to experience a whole new way of shopping. When you arrive at an #fbo #brandoutlet, one is usually lost for words when you see the size and amount of clothing we stock. However, our rails are well-merchandised by size, and you are sure to find something.
  4. Pricing – As we mentioned earlier, you have to see it to believe it. Where else can you save up to 85% on international fashion brands? Outlet shopping is a must for anyone who is looking to find the deal of the century. At #fboclothing most of our customers shop with our #fbo trolley baskets. We often see customers with two or three trolleys sometimes because our prices are so affordable they can often afford to buy more than they expected.
  5. One of a kind – As you make your way through the store and sift your way through the variety of clothing styles, items, and brands, you might find that hidden gem. That item of clothing that speaks to you and says, “hey! you have to have me.” This is often the nature of outlet shopping and when you do find that “hidden gem’ best you listen to your inner shopping voice and put that item in your trolley. Don’t hesitate because if you do that item quite possibly won’t be there when you go back to get it.

There are plenty of other reasons to shop at #fboclothing, but all we know is that we want all of our customers to experience #brandoutlet shopping at its finest.

So come and visit us to see what outlet shopping is all about.