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The Brand: Barbara Schwarzer

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Barbara Schwarzer is a name that represents modern purism. The label, as well as the designer, hail from Düsseldorf in Germany. She is one of the most sought-after designers in Europe at the moment. Her brand reflects style, class, and elegance at its best. You can see the world of luxury in the work from Barbara.

The designer was born in 1957, and she started her fashion journey in 1997, but she was interested in fashion long before that. To Barbara, fashion is her calling. Her effortless styling shows in all her creations. Her work is both refreshing and unique; she likes to use contemporary fabric with a clean and clear vision of futuristic fashion and trends. Her color palette is always subtle and delicate.

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Barbara Schwarzer is truly a brand that is fit for Queens and Princesses. Her collection has the feminine charm every lady is looking for from tops to blouses to flawless gowns. She knows and understands what contemporary women want, and so do we.

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