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The Brand: Tom Tailor

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

The brand Tom Tailor believes in fashion that is not only understandable but also attainable. It is an international brand that has its roots in Europe. As a brand, they have many distinct entities, the Home Textile Tom Tailor, Tom Tailor Denim, and BONITA. Each entity has its distinct features and collections, and at #fboclothing, you can shop for Tom Tailor in all of our #outlets.

The Tom Tailor brand gives you definite value for money. The brand specialises in trendy, casual wear that is both high quality and easy on the budget. You will find the range and products from Tom Tailor are always in line with the latest in fashion and trends. Fashion is easy when you are wearing Tom Tailor.


Almost all famous fashion brands target a specific audience. Tom Tailor is no different, and their clothing is typically geared for people between the ages of 25 to 50 years. Tom Tailor’s love for denim is pretty apparent in their various collections, and you can find some of these items on the racks and rails of your nearest #fboclothing #outlet. Their denim pieces are for the young at heart; whether you are 20 or 30, they have the perfect denim for you.


Not all body shapes are the same, nor they all come in the same size. This is what Tom Tailor understands and also portrays in their MY TRUE ME collection. The idea was launched for women of all shapes and sizes, so they never have to compromise for any item of their clothing. The My True Me collection is made with a lot of care and innovative cuts and designs to help women love their bodies and radiate the confidence they have been hiding all along. This is why Tom Tailor is such a famous brand with our #fboclothing shoppers.

Tom Tailor is one brand that thinks for all. Their ranges also include business clothes as well as casual work clothes for a relaxed working atmosphere. So whether you have a dress code at your office, or a very casual environment, you can shop from Tom Tailor and rock your personality.


Many high-end brands don’t give much thought about kids, but that’s not how Tome Tailor operates. The mini and kids line will surely make your kids look like royalty. Shop for Tom Tailor in our kiddies departments and make sure your little ones always look their best.


Tom Tailor is a complete brand that takes care of you and your entire family.

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