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The Brand: Missguided

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

The Missguided brand is the brainchild of Nitin Passi and was launched in the year 2009 in New York. The fantastic thing about this venture is that it started with a 50k loan and a lot of passion for making it work. Now he runs a platform that is global and larger than life.

After the massive growth of Missguided, the brand has become unstoppable. They launched new stores in the USA, Australia, France as well as Germany and now you can get all your Missguided clothing from #fbo.

Women’s clothing got considerably better after Missguided decided to come into the picture. Here is a list of collections that you will find under the brand’s name.

  • Playboy x Missguided
  • Party shop
  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Trend & occasion wear


Whether it is the collaboration with Playboy or dresses or Tops or Winter Warmers, they have the most fantastic collection. The dress collection alone has a massive list of categories that will spin your head. You get but aren’t limited to

  • Bandage dresses
  • Blazer dresses
  • Christmas party dresses
  • Day dresses
  • Denim dresses
  • Little black dresses
  • Mini dresses
  • Mesh dresses
  • Party dresses
  • Shirt dresses

Beauty and Accessory:

It’s not only clothing that is covered by this brand, but also lifestyle choices like beauty and accessories. Whether you need shoes, makeup, or a cool new clutch to flaunt at your cocktail party, you have Missguided to turn to.

At #fbo, you will find a great selection of clothing.


Not only do they have a vast selection of in-fashion and trendy collections, but they have also collaborated with a few big names.

  • 2014, they collaborated with singer Nicole Scherzinger for their fifth birthday. The entire 40 item collection was designed by Scherzinger.
  • 2015, they collaborated with R&B singer Pia Mia, and that turned out to be a hit.
  • 2016, they collaborated with Pamela Anderson, the collection was named SS16.
  • There have been other collaborations between the brand and Playboy, Jourdan Dunn, etc. All this and much more is the reason why Missguided is so famous.


Missguided is one brand that is soaring high and will not be stopped. Be it Playboy or other collaborations; they have got it right. The style, the trends are in line with yearly fashion changes. In fact, this brand may be the one brand inspiring all the latest fashion trends. It’s the ultimate brand to follow and wear.

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