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The Brand: Original Marines

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

When you look at high-end clothing brands, you expect the quality, but you also know that the prices are going to be high, but that’s not the case with Original Marines. With Original Marines, you get the best of the best product at a very competitive when you shop at #fboclothing. Giving high-end clothing, the trendiest style at a competitive price, is one of our mottos.

How the brand started – Timeline:

The Original Marines brand was launched in 1983 by a group of five men, who had the idea to provide their targeted audience (kids) with casual wear as well as sportswear that would be both high-quality and comfortable.

What started with a simple white T-shirt bloomed into the most popular and celebrated brand. In the year 1986, they began distributing in the Middle East. They also launched their sport collection for the whole family that year as well.

In 1998, Original Marines hit the jackpot when they signed their exclusive contract with warner brothers for Looney Tunes, what’s amazing is that the contract is still going strong today.

This Italian fashion brand is undoubtedly one of a kind, with its very innovating ideas to befriend their little customers and to give them a way to connect with their heroes through their daily wear, which is just amazing. Here’s what Original Marines have in store for its little targeted audience.


Browsing the Original Marines collection for your baby girl, you will wish you were the baby girl, yes it’s that good. Whether you little darling is obsessed with Frozen or Disney, they have it all. From Disney and Barbie to collections like Halloween, Glam Star, Northland, and upper star, they have the most extensive clothesline for teenage girls.


Just like girls, they have the boys covered, as well. Star Wars, justice league, Marvel you name it they have it, no matter which hero or villain your boy idolizes, Original Marines has got it all. And this isn’t all they have. Their vast collection includes Back to school, Vintage, Utility wear, and Pole cruiser, among others. You can never get enough of Original Marines, and that’s a promise.

You may think this is all they have, but there is still more. They have a huge collection for babies, as well. From three to thirty-six-month-old babies, both boys and girls, they have these special collections as well. Their newborn winter collection will make you drool for sure. Original Marines should be on your list the next time you go shopping for your kids at one of our #fboclothing #brandoutlets.