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Pull & Bear: Brand Overview

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Do you enjoy discovering new and trending fashion label brands? If so, at #fbo we stock a wide range of the world’s top international fashion brands at great prices, so it is well worth checking us out. Pull & Bear is one of the many brands we are proud to stock.

The label itself is aimed at the young (and young at heart) fashion enthusiast who loves a stylish yet laid back approach to fashion.
pull & bear jean jacket
Famous for its beachwear and weekend attire, the Pull & Bear label is owned by the same company as Zara and has its origins in Spain.

This popular brand has been around for several decades and was founded back in 1986. Ever since it has been taking the world by storm with its highly sought-after garments for both ladies and men.

Not only is Pull & Bear at the forefront of style and high street fashion, but it is also passionate about the environment. This approach pleases its young customers who want to play their own, important role in preserving our earth’s natural beauty.

A typical Pull & Bear fan is someone who is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and who enjoys being part of a greater community and relating and engaging with like-minded individuals.

The brand is unique in that it takes various elements from high street fashion, international trends and catwalk style, and then combines all these factors to create their own, unique look and feel to fashion. This results in clothing that is chic, elegant, and very easy to wear.
pull & bear jean jacket
Pull & Bear is also always on the lookout for other external influences, such as music trends, social endeavors, and environmental movements. This is reflected in the way in which their clothing is designed and also sold throughout the world.

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