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S.Oliver Brand Overview

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

At #fbo, we are proud to stock the highly-acclaimed and world-famous S.Oliver brand.

S.oliver brand logo

Browsing our website, you will come across various lines of fashion from this iconic brand. So, what exactly is the S.Oliver brand, and what types of fashion items do they create? Let’s take a look!

As an international fashion brand, S.Oliver has become highly popular over the past few decades. Their main aim is to inspire their customers with their unique and aesthetically-pleasing range of clothing and accessories.

The brand itself is a larger label than most people think: it has a very large group of companies, and each entity caters to the different fashion needs of its clients throughout the world. For example, they sell the S.Oliver Black Label, Liebeskind Berlin, Triangle, Comma Casual Identity, and Q/S labels.

If you would like to discover more about this sought-after brand, take a look at our online store (or browse around in one of our brick and mortar stores) to become inspired by S.Oliver’s quality, value for money, exceptional style and great fit.

S.Oliver has become one of #fbo’s bestselling lines as they have something for every taste, size, and style. Not only are they an eco-friendly and ground-breaking brand, but they are also a longstanding favorite label amongst the most fashion and style-conscious individuals.

Their garments are great for everyday use, special occasions, and casual weekend attire. With a colorful and modern take on fashion, the brand is playful and cheeky yet genuine and highly versatile. If you are looking for something comfortable to wear, stylish and well-fitting, then we would strongly suggest taking a look at S.Oliver.

Fbo customers who invest in S.Oliver garments do not regret their purchases as these items are incredibly easy to mix and match with other garments already in one’s wardrobe.

Ask any fbo customer – once you purchase one S.Oliver item, you will want to own their entire range of fashion!

Are you a fan of the S.Oliver brand? If so, what is your favorite item?