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Zero Brand Overview

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

At #fbo, our range of popular international fashion includes the likes of several dozen brand name labels, including that of Zero. All of these brands are made available via the nation’s favorite #brandoutlet, we can confirm that the Zero label is becoming increasingly popular in our stores, and there is a good reason for that!

The Zero brand originated as a pure clothing company back in 1996. It soon became trendy among young, fashion-conscious people and began to evolve and create its own unique identity. After a few years, Zero focused on skateboard fashion, which was, and still is, a highly sought-after style.

zero neon dress

Today, Zero is more focused on some of its more sophisticated looks, but this does not mean that the label has lost its “cool” vibe. The label continually designs garments that are cutting-edge in addition to being part of the new era of style and chic.

At the moment, the most popular fashion item in the Zero fashion label range is their one-of-a-kind exotic shirt. Owning such a shirt means that you enjoy being a little different and standing out in a crowd of people who are usually all dressed similarly.

If you enjoy this label, we recommend always keeping an eye out on our online store for new and exciting items as the label is always coming out with new and fresh designs that our customers absolutely love.

zero sequin dress

The label itself prides itself on only designing the best quality garments that have been designed to the highest standards of quality. Their motto is quality over quantity, and you only need a few Zero items in your wardrobe to feel stylish, elegant, and unique.

If you are interested in the Zero label, why not browse our online store or have a look in our #brandoutlets for some inspiration?