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Fast Fashion – Is it fab or is it just a fad?

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Here at fbo, we are all about bringing you the latest trends, styles, and fashion at the best prices from the best international fashion brands. To that end, we are great advocates of #fastfashion, which refers to catwalk fashion that is sold at pocket-friendly prices.


Although fast fashion may have received criticism in the past, it is definitely here to stay and this article will discuss why this is.


In our modern, 21st century lives, things are very fast-paced and fashion is not much different. We have learned and developed a need for instant gratification, bargains, and satisfaction, especially when it comes to the clothing we wear.


With fast fashion, the latest styles, straight off the catwalk, are quickly made available to the average person on the street, often at highly affordable prices. This means that you, as the fashion consumer, can enjoy the trends that you want and you do not have to wait for ages for a specific garment to appear in your favourite fashion store.


#fbo ensures that you always have plenty of brands and the latest styles to choose from. Whether you choose to shop in one of our #brandoutlets or you like our user-friendly online shop, you are always guaranteed to find a bargain.

silver puffer jacket

Although we sell a lot of fast fashion at amazing prices, we always make sure that our clothing and accessories are of the best possible quality. This ultimately means that you can enjoy a larger wardrobe, with more outfits to wear over the weekends, to work and when painting the town red. In fact, instead of buying a round of drinks for your friends at the bar, you could spend the money at #fbo instead and have some great items to wear this season!


Not only is fast fashion great for those on a budget, such as students, but it is also great for those of us who like the thrill of trying out new styles and trends on a regular basis.


So we think that fast fashion is not a fad but it is just FAB!!! Its here to stay for now and until things change we will be selling, high end, fast fashion for a long time.


Let us know which styles you are looking most forward to trying out this season – we’d love to hear from you!