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Gifting an FBO gift card

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Do you find shopping for birthday and special occasion gifts time-consuming and stressful? Well, so do we, and at #fbo and we now have the perfect solution for your gift-giving woes- our highly popular and new fbo gift card!


This article will discuss the advantages of giving your family and friends an #fbo gift card in place of a regular gift.


Unlike a few decades ago, giving a gift card no longer carries a negative stigma. It is now no longer seen as an impersonal or thoughtless gift but something that is highly coveted. Today, consumers realise that there are many advantages to be had by giving a gift card, especially when you buy one from any of our #brandoutlets.


It can be very tricky finding that perfect gift for a loved one or friend. Of course, the last thing you want is for your gift to be unwanted by the recipient. With an #fbo gift card, you don’t have this risk as our stores carry a wide range of high-quality fashion items to suit all tastes.


With an #fbo gift card, your recipient can choose from an almost endless variety of high-quality international fashion brands that will bring a smile to their faces. To spend their #fbo gift card, they won’t even have to bother about going out to redeem it because our gift cards can be spent in our online store too! Talk about convenient!


By choosing exactly what they want in our #outlets, your gift recipient will get exactly what they want, and you can feel good about yourself that your gift will not go to waste.


Gift cards that can be redeemed online (such as our #fbo gift card) are becoming increasingly popular as online shopping is becoming a way of life for most people. Our gift card embraces this trend.

fbo gift card

Another advantage of giving an #fbo gift card is that you will be unlikely to overspend on the gift. All you need to do is simply buy a gift card that matches your budget, and you are good to go. Since our gift cards are available in various denominations, you can spend whatever you can afford, and you will not end up coming up short in the end.


According to research conducted recently, it was revealed that the majority of people would much prefer a gift card over a traditional gift. Although some people are very reluctant to admit this, when you give your friend or family member an #fbo gift card, chances are, they will really appreciate it much more. So, instead of playing a massive guessing game when present shopping, buy them an #fbo gift card to ensure that they have what they want and will use.


Everyone likes to support local, especially when the local business always has the best interests of their customers at heart. By giving an #fbo gift card, you are supporting a proudly South African business that is growing because of your loyal support. This not only benefits us as a company but also our business, which is dedicated to creating more jobs for hardworking South Africans. It’s a win-win situation!


Finally, do you often find yourself shopping for presents at the eleventh hour? If so, avoid the last-minute rush of racing to your local shopping mall and wracking your brain to find something suitable. When you give the gift if a #fbo gift card, you can purchase one within minutes online and then let your gift recipient have the gift card particulars as soon as possible. What a great way to save time and hassle!


Now that you have read all about the advantages of giving gift cards, what do you personally enjoy about them? Have you given someone an fbo gift card before? If so, how did they react? We would love to have your comments.