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How Mint & Berry is taking the fashion world by storm

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Are you looking for a non-mass-produced and quintessentially British brand? Well, look no further than the Mint & Berry brand which was originally founded in the UK and is now sold throughout the world and now it’s available at #fbo.


Who is Mint & Berry?

Mint & Berry is a very well-known brand in the UK and Europe, and you can find their clothing range in most high street clothing stores. Here at #fbo, we now also stock this high-quality brand, much to the delight of our valued customers!


As a brand, Mint & Berry aims to bring the latest catwalk fashion trends directly into your favorite high street fashion store. It does this with the help of its international design team who carefully monitor the trends every season and designs their take on these new styles. The result is spectacular and clothing from the Mint & Berry brand is often mistaken for a high-end, luxury brand.

Mint & Berry Coat

What do we recommend!

#fbo can recommend this brand to all our shoppers who are still looking for a brand to make their own. A brand that you can wear confidently if you are always looking for something more exciting when it comes to the fashion you wear.


You will understand all this once you start to explore the brand and the clothing they produce a little more. You will be hard-pressed to find similar items anywhere else that have been so thoughtfully and expertly designed. And we can promise that you can now get this brand at the best prices. #fbo sells Mint & Berry, and you will be hooked from the first purchase!


What does their range offer?

From gorgeous shoes, chic handbags, cocktail dresses to jeans, t-shirts and casual weekend wear, the Mint & Berry simply never disappoints. This is a label that you will be able to wear with pride anywhere you go – you will find something to wear to the office, to college, to a party and an outfit that you can hang out with your friends in.

Have you ever bought anything from the Mint & Berry line? If so, we are sure that you are still enjoying wearing this item of clothing. Let us know what your favorite items from this range are and why. We’d love to hear from you!