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How Vero Moda is the Unsung Hero of High Street Fashion

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

High street fashion has in recent years been given a lot of bad press for being of questionable quality and highly changeable. Although this may be true in some sense, Vero Moda has played a large role in changing this mindset and this is due to many reasons.


Let’s take a look at how the Vero Moda brand has remained strong for all these years?


Right from the outset and when the brand was first founded back in 1987, the goal was to provide a great quality clothing brand at reasonable prices. They wanted to produce clothing that wouldn’t just last for one season, but garments that could be worn year after year. This brand did not disappoint and since the late ’80s, it has been doing exactly what it set out to do right from the beginning.


Today, Vero Moda is considered to be one of Europe’s most well-loved fashion brands and #fbo is happy to tell you that we now stock clothing from this iconic fashion brand.

vero moda crop jacket

Who wears Vero Moda?

The brand itself offers young women a lovely variety of adventurous, colorful, elegant, and playful fashion. Students, especially, are very fond of Vero Moda as they can enjoy on-trend, comfortable, and casual everyday attire and not have to spend a fortune.


The brand also caters to the young professional woman, with an interesting take on corporate clothing. Gone are the days when corporate attire was boring, monotonous, and dull – when you wear Vero Moda, you can really get creative and design your own, unique look for your office outfits! (Find tips to dress for work here – add a link to article – Dressing for work on a budget and looking good)


At #fbo, we sell the  brand in all our #outlets and online. This range is available to you at very inexpensive prices due to our extensive buying power with international brands. This means that you can pick up an excellent quality, genuine Vero Moda piece without having to break the bank!


Each season, we offer new and exciting items from the Vero Moda line so be sure to check out this section in our stores on a regular basis so that you can snap up something amazing for yourself.