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Weekday is Every Young Person’s Fashion Dream

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

In 2020, street culture and fashion are huge in the Swedish style market and this trend is now extending into other countries, such as here in South Africa! Weekday is a Swedish clothing brand that was born out of a desire to create funky, confident, and creative street fashion for those who enjoy expressing themselves in their own unique way.


#fbo now stocks clothing from the Weekday brand and we know that this brand is going to become very popular amongst our trendy #brandoutlet shoppers. We have seen customers master how the brand helps them to create their own, one-of-a-kind way of dressing through their designer jeans, sweaters, sneakers, and much more.


Is street culture for me?

Although street culture is largely a trend that young people below the age of 25 enjoy, it is by no means restricted by this category. In fact, anyone who finds this style attractive loves to wear Weekday’s comfortable yet stylish clothing, and this is one of the many reasons why this brand has been so successful to date.

Weekday bon jacket

What the secret to the brand?

A great selling point of the Weekday line is the fact that it can help even the most unfashionable people look trendy because their pieces are flattering to most body types and the colors of the fabrics look great against any skin tone. Students, especially, are flocking to our stores to buy Weekday clothing as our prices are very reasonable and the brand produces clothing to a very high standard.


If you are struggling to find inspiration in the usual fashion brands, #fbo encourages you to have a look at the Weekday brand in one of our #outlets or online as we are certain that you will discover that this could be the next best thing for you!


Are you a fan of youth and street culture? If so, do you wear items from the Weekday line? Have you seen the brand in one of our stores? We would love to hear from you and please do let us know which Weekday item is your current favorite!