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What is Slow Fashion?

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

You’ve heard of fast fashion but do you know what slow fashion is? At #fbo, we are committed to helping you to get the most out of your shopping experience and the products you buy from us. With this in mind, we would like to discuss the concept of slow fashion and how you can apply it to your regular shopping habits. Let’s take a look!


In terms of a definition, slow fashion is a responsible approach to fashion. This involves being more aware of what you are buying and thinking more about the processes and materials involved in the making of your clothing. It therefore, a very sustainable approach and one which we at #fbo are proud to advocate.


#fbo also advocates for slow-fashion when it comes to style and trends as this results in better quality items that will last you for much longer. Besides, it ensures that the people, animals and the environment involved in the manufacturing process are all fairly treated and never abused.


You can easily apply the concept of slow fashion to your normal shopping routine in a few simple ways. Firstly, before deciding to splurge on a new dress or pair of shoes, have a look in your wardrobe and think about what you already have and if there is anything you could re-purpose or wear again. This may involve making some alterations with your sewing machine or by hand.


Slow fashion is also applicable to items that never go out of fashion. We all have that one pair of jeans in our wardrobes that we have worn over and over for years. Clothing that lasts for more than two seasons can also be labeled as slow fashion.


Deciding to follow a slow fashion lifestyle can be great news for your bank account as the focus is on investing in a few key, good quality items and learning how to mix and match these garments, as well as accessorise them.


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