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What should you be wearing this winter, 2020?

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Well, I suppose the short answer to this question is simple. Wear what makes you feel good, and you will look fantastic, this winter.

Are you curious about this coming Autumn and Winter fashion trends, and would you like to stock up your wardrobe before the cold sets in? At #fbo, we are fully prepared for the colder weather, and we have a wide range of well-priced and on-trend winter clothes for sale from all your favourite international brands.

Whether you are looking to overhaul your current winter wardrobe or you need some inspiration #fbo is here to help you out! Let’s take a look at the most trending winter fashions for the coming season…

The 90s are back with a vengeance, only slightly tamer and much more stylish!

Are you looking for a winter coat, jacket, or dress?

Consider a feather-trimmed garment since feathers are back in a big way. Unlike previous seasons, this year has winter clothing being very delicately and lightly accessorized with feathers (so, no heavy trims or over the top feathers that weigh you down)! Take a look at our range of winter fashion and enjoy a wispy and warm piece of fashion.


Need a new bag?

This season will see large, oversized bags being a thing of the past and tiny handbags gracing the arms of every fashion-conscious female. Although these small handbags do not hold much, they are wonderfully minimalist and will force you to get rid of all those unwanted goodies that just take up space.

What Colours are in for autumn/winter 2020?

At #fbo we love color, and we enjoy encouraging our customers to express themselves in this way. This winter’s fashion shows off with many shades of purple. The orchid hue is particularly popular, especially when worn as a monochrome outfit.

Of course, throwing in a shot of lavender can also add that special something to your outfit. So wearing different shades of the same color to create an overall tonal is going to be popular.

When you browse the winter collection on the #fbo website or in our #outlets, you will notice that the coming season will feature a combination of deep and bright yellows, light and gentle browns (including butterscotch, hazel and almond hues), as well as certain shades of mustard yellow and brown. These colors are warm in tone and will make for a lovely, warm feeling to your winter fashion outfits.

To echo the above and to continue with the warm-colored theme, tiger orange is another leading contender for this season. This is a unique, bright, and wonderfully bold color that is currently being paired with shades of pink and other neutrals.

Many fashion labels have included various shades of green in their winter line-up too. Minty green hues are prominent at the moment, but these colors should be worn alone and paired with another color, such as black. Pistachio, as you can tell from the #fbo online store, is also incredibly popular and designers are dressing their models from head-to-toe in this pretty color.

Finally, pink is back this winter! However, don’t think softer tones of pink but rather bright candy shades of pink that will make you stand out.


Winter 2020 will see more androgynous styles.

Androgynous ( Unisex) fashion is certainly not a new concept, and it comes around every few years. This winter, we can expect to see a lot of androgynous styles that do not conform to any specific gender but instead suit girls, guys, and everything in between. #fbo has a selection of loose-fitting bottoms and tops that are just perfect for this new winter trend.

In terms of color for androgynous fashion, dark colors feature predominantly and are preferred by both men and women. Don’t be afraid to mix these dark colors up with other, bolder hues to suit your personal style. Remember: androgynous fashion is all about creativity, fun, and trying something entirely new!

For a warm and cosy feeling, we suggest trying out one of this season’s most popular items- the neon turtleneck or roll neck! Although the turtleneck is nothing new or innovative, winter 2020 has shaken it up a little by introducing some fun, neon colors. These well-loved tops go exceptionally well with a neutral-colored skirt or pair of trousers, and wearing one will ensure that you certainly do stand out wherever you go!


Gone are the days of boring, one-size-fits-all fashion.

This coming winter season is all about personalisation and bringing out the best of your personality. You can easily do this in winter 2020 by investing in a glitzy shiny, personalized hairpin.

We love sparkly hairpins with your initials. Wear them to keep a few strands of hair away from your face, and you are accessorizing in a subtle yet unique way. Personalised brooches and necklaces are also a stylish and elegant way in which to bring that “je ne sais quoi” to your outfit.

If you are a fan of necklaces, you will have noticed that this previous spring and summer had plenty of delicate and barely-there necklaces that graced every fashionista’s collar bone. For winter 2020, it is the complete opposite, and large, chunky necklaces are now all the rage!

If you want to spice up your outfit or create a unique look, a chunky necklace in your favourite color is the way to go! #fbo has an almost endless range of attractive and gorgeous accessories that, by the way, also make amazing gifts for that someone special in your life!

Winter 2020 has an interesting addition from the 80s too: the puffy headband! These headbands sit high on your head and are highly practical as they keep your hair away from your face and are also the perfect remedy for a bad hair day!

For those of you who love animal prints, you will be pleased to know that these are most definitely in fashion, especially leopard, tiger, and snake prints. Leather is also in a big way, real leather, faux leather or vegan leather. If it looks or feels like leather its in especially, leather jackets and leather winter boots for women.

Finally, sophisticated florals and houndstooth coats will keep you looking fabulous and will ensure you are geared for the cold weather.

We have received our winter stock, and all we can say is that if you shop at any #fbo #brandoutlet, you will look great this winter. Our winter range is on our shelves and ready to make the trip home to your cupboard.

Which item are you most excited about owning for this coming winter? If you need inspiration, why not browse our online store for some great ideas? Let us know which items you will be wearing during the colder months, as we would love to hear from you!

At #fbo, we now have the most trending winter fashion items available to our customers. Let us know what you will be investing in this season – we’d love to hear from you!

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