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Will boots be in fashion this winter

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t absolutely adore a good pair of great winter boots. Wearing boots during the cooler months has been very popular over the past few years and, as we head into winter 2020, many #fbo customers have been wondering if this is still the case.


Well, the good news is that, yes, we can confirm that boots are definitely still trending this year and are as popular as ever! Not only are boots a great way to keep your feet and lower legs warm during winter, but they also look incredibly stylish and add a touch of sophistication to a smart or casual look.


So, what kinds of boots can we expect to be in fashion this year? If you visit our #outlets you will see that #fbo sometimes has a very wide range of boots available, which means that boots of all kinds will be trending.

fbo winter boots

Combat boots are probably the hottest boot type for this coming season. These practical boots are reminiscent of the mid 90’s when grunge was very popular. You can wear your combat boots in many different ways. #fbo’s favorite way to wear combat boots is to pair them with some trousers in a neutral color and even to add a special kind of edge to a feminine and pretty floral dress.


If you enjoy wearing knee-high boots, you should definitely consider a pair of leather, knee-high equestrian boots as these are also trending at the moment. Whether you prefer a flat or a high heel for your boots, you can afford to get creative with your equestrian boots as various types have been spotted on the catwalks lately. These boots will pull together any winter outfit and can make you look effortlessly chic and casual when you wear them with a pair of skinny jeans or a short skirt.

fbo winter boots

Which boots are you planning on wearing this winter, and why? We would love to hear your comments and questions about the coming season’s trends!