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Sophistication & boldness. Betty Barclay a brand for any occasion

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Betty Barclay is one of the United States’ most exclusive and popular brands and one that we are very proud to stock in our #brandoutlets.


In terms of the origin of the brand, many people mistakenly believe that Betty Barclay was a real person. This is actually false as “Betty Barclay” was nothing more than a made-up name that was given to the brand when it was first launched way back in the 1950s.


When it started, the Betty Barclay brand focused mainly on women’s popular fashion and created clothes such as ready-to-wear dresses, pants, suits, and, blouses. The brand was priced in the mid-range and catered to the average middle-class women in America.


In the late 1950s a German fabric maker, Max Berk, bought out the company which included the license to design and manufacture Betty Barclay items for the European market, in addition to the US market. Then, in the 1970s, the company was once again acquired by another German entity and it continues to function as a highly-exclusive fashion brand today.


The brand today is still mainly focused on creating clothing for women. The main theme running through the Betty Barclay brand is one of sophistication, boldness, and femininity and their goal is to create clothing that can be worn for any occasion.

betty barclay jacket

Whether you are looking for something elegant to wear to work, something flirty and fun for the weekend, or a stylish outfit to wear while relaxing over the weekend, the Betty Barclay range will have something for you!


If you consider yourself to be a modern, busy, and confident woman who loves effortless chic and trendy clothing, then we can highly recommend this iconic brand to you!


Having a look at this range on our website or in our outlets, you will notice that there are plenty of gorgeous mix and match wardrobe essentials that you can buy as separate items. These beautiful items include unique and well-fitting jeans, soft and warm knitwear for Winter, elegant skirts and dresses, smart corporate wear, and stylish evening wear and party outfits.


The colours in the Betty Barclay range are pretty and attractive. The range also includes some beautiful, floral prints that look great on a warm Summer’s day.


By purchasing a Betty Barclay item, you are not only becoming the owner of a trendy and flattering garment, but you are also investing in a timeless piece of fashion that you will love for many years to come!


Are you interested to learn more about this popular brand? Why not take a look at the Betty Barclay range for yourself and see why so many women in the USA and Europe absolutely love this brand!


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