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Brunotti – best-suited to the girl or guy who likes to get outside

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

As an Italian brand, Brunotti originates in a country where fashion and style are king and the mediocre is just not good enough! As with all the brands we feature in our #brandoutlets, the Brunotti brand is well-known for its exceptional quality and it is a brand that is committed to perfection.


This popular Italian fashion brand first started back in the 1970s when founder, Claudio Brunotti (who was a passionate surfer and water sports enthusiast) saw a gap in the fashion market for well-made outdoor clothing.


The Brunotti brand was then founded on a beach in the Netherlands when Mr. Brunotti decided to do something about the lack of good quality outdoor clothing at the time.


Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy this iconic brand today as the clothing is both comfortable and trendy, and features a wide variety of clothing and accessories to suit all tastes.


Over the past few decades, the Brunotti brand has expanded to include casual wear as well, and this has been hugely successful. This brand is best-suited to the girl or guy who likes to get outside, needs something comfortable but stylish to wear, and doesn’t want to pay the earth for good quality clothing.

brunotti jacket

With its wide range of sportswear and casual wear that offers a form-fitting and comfortable fit, no matter what your size. The goal of the brand is to instill confidence in its customers and to help them feel like they can achieve anything they set their minds to.


If you enjoy wearing clothing that makes use of intelligent fabrics and new technology, this brand is definitely the one for you! The majority of the items in the Brunotti range are made from fabrics that encourage the skin to breathe. The fabric also reduces friction and is less likely to rub against the skin while wearers are being active and this always has its consumers coming back for more.


The brand headquarters employs a team of young women and men whose goal is to develop new and exciting products to introduce to the existing range. This means that anything you wear from this range will have been vetted and tested by people just like you!


When browsing the Brunotti garments on our website or on the rails of our #outlets, you will notice that there is a wide range of trousers, shirts, skirts, shorts, and other accessories. The colours are flattering against most skin tones and the fabrics are conveniently crease-free, leaving you with more time to concentrate on your outdoor adventures!


Here at fbo, we stock a selection of Brunotti clothing and accessories for both men and women.

Want to know more about this great brand? Why not take a look at the Brunotti range today? Let us know what you think as we would love to hear from you!