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Kiabi kids – designer clothing for your kids at discount prices

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Do you have children? If so, you must have a look at the Kiabi range for kids in our #fbo #outlets. If there is one thing you need to do this year, it is to consider Kiabi to clothe your children and have them looking smart, comfortable, and stylish!


At #fbo, we are proud to stock the highly-coveted Kiabi brand for kids. This is a very exclusive brand with French origins. Kiabi is anything but mass-produced and they have a team of several dozen talented French designers on their team (which is known as the Trends Lab) whose sole job is to design and create clothing for every member of the family.


Based in France, the Kiabi team of designers is at the forefront of high fashion and is dedicated to being ahead of each trend.


With 500 stores in over 15 countries, this brand is now available in South Africa through #fbo! We buy large quantities of designer Kiabi clothing for children and have access to low buying prices because of this. Obviously, we pass on the discount to you, our valued customer, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of French, designer clothing for your kids at discount prices!

kiabi kids clothing

Many South African moms and dads have for many years complained that the clothes available in the shops for children are all very similar and there is rarely anything unique or different for them. #fbo has heard this plea, which is why we now offer the exclusive Kiabi range of clothing for kids!


With Kiabi, you no longer have to worry about your child looking the same as every other child at nursery school or when out and about. This range lets little girls look feminine, pretty, and like tiny princesses, while the boys range turns them into tough yet stylish little men.


Each item in the range has been specially designed with kids in mind. This means that the fabric used in the creation of this range is breathable, soft, comfortable, and feels good on the skin. Your child can therefore confidently go about their daily business of playing, relaxing, and running around in trendy clothing that is also incredibly comfortable.


The quality of the Kiabi range can also not be beaten! Once you have purchased one piece, this can then be passed on to younger siblings or to other children in your extended family. In fact, it could even last for generations to come and a Kiabi item of clothing is definitely an investment!


Are you a fan of the Kiabi range of children’s clothing? If so, let us know why you love it so much and what your child enjoys most about wearing Kiabi!