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Triangle – fashion should not have a negative impact on our earth

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Are you sometimes frustrated with the same old clothing every season that is only different because it bears another brand label? Sound like you? Well, you are not alone and many other #fbo customers feel exactly the same way.


Luckily, here at #fbo we stock the Triangle range of exclusive clothing which caters to the person who likes something a little different when it comes to fashion.


The origins of the Triangle brand go back several years when the founders, themselves, were struggling to find innovative and unique clothing in retail stores. They then decided to team up with a group of talented fashion designers to form a brand that would bring fabulous, catwalk fashion to your local mall!


As a brand, Triangle believes strongly in well-designed clothes. They believe that no effort or expense should be spared when creating and designing new fashion. While they take inspiration and ideas from the latest catwalk trends, they consider this simply a suggestion and instead go on to design their own, unique range for the coming season. This is part of the reason why the brand has been so successful so far.


Many modern consumers are not fans of fast fashion and believe that this concept is contributing to climate change and increasing our carbon footprint. The Triangle brand has the very same values and believes that fashion should not have a negative impact on our earth and its natural resources.

triangle brand dress

With this in mind, one of their core values is conscious consumption and they ensure that every piece of clothing they sell is timeless, of excellent quality, and can be worn year after year, without compromising on style, the environment, or your pocket.


This attitude of choosing our clothing better, buying less of it, and investing in a few, key pieces is what the Triangle brand is all about. Since their clothing is made to last, you can have peace of mind that what you are buying will not fall apart after one season.


Taking a look at the Triangle brand, you will notice that they also focus on simplicity. Each garment is simple yet beautiful, allowing you the option of accessorising to transform the look and feel of your outfit according to the occasion.


Triangle’s range includes exquisite and one-of-a-kind garments that will make heads turn (in a good way!) when you walk into a room!


So, if you are looking for something different, why not give the Triangle brand a try? Let us know what you find at #fbo and why you love it?