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Our top jeans brands and why ladies love them

Written by Admin Nonhlahla


Posted on August 24 2020

Everyone knows that a well-fitting and flattering pair of jeans is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. Finding that elusive pair is another story altogether and it can be frustrating trying to find a jeans brand that suits your particular body size and shape.


This is a very real battle and many people eventually give up, thinking that they will never find a pair of jeans that will fall in love with and that will last them for many years to come.


Here at fbo, we stock a wide range of international jeans brands and we are now considered to be every fashion-conscious person’s one-stop-shop for great quality clothing at even better prices. Our customers love shopping with us as they know that they can have access to many more brands than ever before.


With our convenient online store, you can now shop for a pair (or 6!) of jeans from the comfort of your own home or if you enjoy the whole brand outlet shopping experience that we offer then you are welcome to visit us and we will be delighted to see you!


Our ultimate goal at fbo is to make buying jeans a pleasant experience for our customers


Whether you prefer skinny jeans, classic white denim, or wide-leg black jeans, fbo has you covered! Let’s take a look at the top jeans brands we stock and why our customers love them so much…


Miss Sixty

Looking for a good quality pair of jeans that will flatter your figure at the same time? Miss Salty has gorgeous jeans that create a slimming effect while still providing plenty of comfort. Check out the very popular Miss Salty ripped jeans as these are flying off our shelves at the moment.



Straight leg jeans are incredibly hot at the moment and Kilah straight leg jeans are no exception. We love these jeans because the high-rise cut sits very close to your body (but not too close to be uncomfortable) and they look amazing when worn with a pair of cheeky little pair of ankle boots.



It is easy to see why since their range of jeans look streamlined and elegant, making them perfect to wear in almost any situation. Choose the perfect shade for yourself as there are many hues available but you might be tempted to get a pair in every color so that you are never stuck for something to wear.



If you are blessed with a curvy figure, you will know that it can sometimes be difficult to shop for a flattering pair of jeans. Not anymore! Promod has some amazing jeans for those of us with a fuller more curvy figure. Our customers particularly love their stretchy skinny jeans which look spectacular when on, but also feel incredibly comfortable. Team them with a pair of sneakers and you will be ready for anything!

Original Marines.

Not a fan of skinny jeans? You are not alone and Original Marines has the ideal solution for you in the form of their cutting-edge straight cut jeans. Straight cut jeans are now viewed as something that everyone should have in their wardrobes and Original Marines have some great ones which have long hems and a high waist. We recommend wearing them with some classic black heels or even cuffing them.



G-Star is another brand that has taken the world by storm with its high quality, yet affordable jeans. Buying them makes you feel as if you can finally afford a top drawer brand (even though you are paying much less). Why not take a look at their high-waist jeans which are slim fitting through the leg and have stylish tie fastenings at the ankles. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your new sneakers or boots!



When money is tight but you are still wanting to dress in trending clothing, Replay is one of the best options out there. Their jeans look beautiful on and magically give any girls booty some bounce! At our low prices, you will want to have a pair.



Do you love your skinny jeans but need a pair of jeans that can shake things up in your wardrobe a little? Enter the Zero brand of jeans where you can still experience the same, flattering slim fit to your jeans through the leg but add a little room at the bottom with a flare? These jeans look gorgeous when worn with an oversized jersey or a blazer.



White skinny jeans always make you look fresh and bright but if you want to avoid the dreaded gapes at the knees and inevitable stretching, you may want to think about a brand that tackles these issues. Weekday white skinny jeans don’t gape at the knees and the denim is made to last, with the white color looking as good as new, wash after wash.



Did you know that you get jeans fans at varying levels? Die-hard jeans fans are not satisfied with only a few pairs and they want a pair in every style, color, and fit. If you fall under this category, take a look at fbo’s range of jeans where you can buy every type of jeans that you have ever dreamed of. Our customers are particularly fond of their wide-leg jeans in black which drape over the body in a very flattering way.



Looking for a brand that strikes the perfect balance between fit, look, and color? S.oliver ticks all these boxes and we are sure that you will find something from their range of jeans that will take your wardrobe from zero to hero!


Tom Tailor.

When it comes to premium quality, stylish silhouettes, and seamless, flawless fit, Tom Tailor is up there with the world’s top brands of jeans. The brand has always aimed to provide jeans that are comfortable, laid-back, form-fitting, and stylish and they do this extremely well. What’s more, a Tom Tailor pair of jeans will last for many years and you will always have something to fall back on.



StreetOne does things a little differently in that all our customers report that their jeans transform their figures into slimmer and much leaner versions. This is due to the flattering cut of all StreetOne jeans that will make your legs look longer and slimmer and your backside smaller. fbo customers are huge fans of their iconic, high-waisted jeans that come in several colors.


So there you have it, no longer should anyone struggle to find a pair of jeans that fits them to a tee. At fbo we stock the widest range of jean brands and we guarantee that we will have a brand that is just perfect for you. Its the only brand outlet to shop at!