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Be You Brand Overview

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on November 03 2020

At fbo, we stock a wide range of popular designer label clothing and one of the most sought-after lines we have at the moment is the Be You line.

Be You is a relatively new brand and was formed in 2007 in Greece. The founders of this innovative label wanted to design a line of clothing that was young, fresh, playful, and feminine.

Their clothing definitely reflects this and is ideal for the modern lady who wants a lot more out of her clothing. Whether you are a young professional, a student, or a stay-at-home mom, Be You is a great fashion brand for you as it emphasizes style, comfort, and the latest trends.

Be You have over the past few years become a brand that is known for its commitment to quality. Investing in a Be You piece is therefore a great idea because you have the peace of mind that your clothing will last for many years to come and is a timeless and classic piece.

Fbo customers, in particular, love the fabrics used in Be You clothing. They are beautiful and carefully chosen, it is clear to see that each piece has been created with you in mind.

A Be You piece of clothing will never fray or tear after only a few washes. Using only the most careful stitching and innovative techniques, a Be You item is definitely a sought-after item for anyone's wardrobe.

Two of the most popular garments in the Be You range is their dresses and long and short jumpsuits in stunning florals.


Be You dresses are floaty, cheeky, feminine, and classy and you can choose from a wide range of long, as well as short dresses. These dresses are perfect for the summer season and should be considered a wardrobe staple as they can be dressed up or down.

For work, wear your Be You dress in some heels and an accessory or two, such as some chunky earrings or a delicate necklace. For a night on the town, your Be You dress will look great with some sexy stilettos and a leather or denim jacket.

Of course, you could always wear your Be You dress over the weekend or when you feel like a casual look that is also girly and playful. Your Be You dress will look beautiful at a summertime braai or when shopping and worn with some sneakers or some flat pumps.

Be You has an amazing range of spectacular jumpsuits. Take a look at the fbo online shopping platform and you will see what we mean!

If you are reluctant to buy a jumpsuit as you are not sure how to wear it, we have some great tips for you.

Choose a jumpsuit that gently hugs your body but is not too tight. We recommend selecting a colour that you know will look great against your complexion.

A simple way to wear your jumpsuit is to wear it with a jacket and some heels. We recommend a leather jacket with some pretty accessories to pull the outfit together nicely.

If you want to wear your jumpsuit to work, try pairing it with a smart blazer and some sensible pumps.

Some ladies like to wear their jumpsuits with a scarf instead of a belt for a unique and soft look. Don't be afraid to layer your jumpsuit with a gauzy shirt or short cardigan to create your own personalized look.

Whatever look you decide to go with, make sure that you feel comfortable in it, and to be creative! A jumpsuit is like a blank canvas and many different outfits can be created with it: all you need is your imagination!