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Bugatti Brand Overview

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on December 14 2020

Here at fbo, we love great quality European fashion just as much as you do, which is why we are continuously adding new and exciting brands to our repertoire.

One of the most popular brands at the moment with our fbo customers is Bugatti, with its iconic suits, smart trousers, shoes and shirts.

The brand itself was founded in 1947 by Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann who wanted to make tailored clothing on a large scale for both women and men. He set up a factory in Löhne in Germany and it proved to be a major success.

A few years later, the Bugatti brand went on to launch their first and highly popular range of trousers and tailored coats and jackets.

Since then, Bugatti has gone from strength to strength and, as each decade passes, they have seen more success and popularity.

In terms of style, the Bugatti brand is European and it embodies the cultural values that the continent holds dear. One of their main focuses is on keeping up to date with the current trends while, at the same time, retaining their own uniqueness and elegance. This is evident in the progressive ideas evident in the design of the brand’s garments and has led many to view it as one of the most recognised European brands of all time.

The Bugatti brand also strives to include their customers in their designs and is always open to suggestions, comments and inspiration from the people who wear their clothing on a daily basis. If you have ever worn a Bugatti garment, you will understand this statement as it feels like each piece has been designed with you in mind.

Today, the Bugatti brand is headquartered in many European locations, including Milan, Paris and London.

Their rich European history and influence never goes unnoticed and if you take notice of the emblem which is present on each garment, you will observe that it features many beautiful and delicate leaves which form part of a wreath surrounding the “b” for Bugatti. Each leaf on this wreath represents a separate European country.

Why Shop Bugatti at fbo

Bugatti offers exquisite designs and exceptional quality. That being said, the brand is by no means elitist, pretentious or snobbish. Bugatti is affordable to most people and it allows you to wear well-designed clothing, even if you are on a budget.

If you want a brand that offers you understated style and elegance together with excellent value for money and quality, we recommend the Bugatti collection.

Our customers love discovering new finds from the brand, both online and in our eight outlets in Gauteng (Kempton Park, Randburg Square, Springs CDB, Lakeside Mall, Joburg CBD, Church Square Mall@Reds and Atterbury Value Mart).

Why not check out fbo’s Bugatti line on or get inspired at one of our outlets? Let us know what you think as we would love to hear from you!