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COS Brand Overview

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on October 02 2020

If you love trending fashion, elegant styles and creating your own unique kind of elegance, you have probably heard of the COS brand.


So, what exactly is the COS brand and where is it available? Well, firstly, COS is a highly regarded brand in the UK, Europe, Australia and in the USA. It has in recent years also been introduced to the South African market and has taken this market by storm.


COS is actually an abbreviation and stands for “Collection of Style”. The brand first originated as a spin-off from the highly popular fashion store of H & M. It is now a completely independent brand and was first introduced to the British fashion market back in 2007.

 COS Clothing Brand

With its origins in London, COS soon grew in popularity and is now considered to be a highly reputable global fashion brand. Here at fbo, we are proud to stock this incredible brand and our customers often remark that this is their favourite line of clothing and accessories.


It is easy to see why COS is up there with the top fashion lines. They have a commitment to making beautiful garments from special and hand-selected fabrics. Their pieces are often classics and timeless in nature, making it easy to keep a COS piece of apparel in your wardrobe for many years.


When browsing the COS line, you will notice that it is minimalist in nature, while still offering femininity. This allows you to accessorise as much as you want and to create your own, unique summer style.


If you are looking for a few wardrobe staples, we highly recommend the COS brand!