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G-Star Raw Brand

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on November 03 2020

G-Star Raw is a highly popular brand that was founded in 1989 by talented Dutch designer, Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam, Holland.

G-Star Raw is also commonly known simply as G-Star and has taken the fashion world by storm since its inception just a few decades ago.

Here at fbo, we are proud to stock a limited selection of G-Star Raw clothing at very affordable prices and we can highly recommend the brand to anyone looking for excellent quality clothing that will last for several years. As with most of our designer brands, G-Star Raw moves fast so if you find a great item then we recommend you take it.

Although G-Star Raw focuses mainly on denim, they also create other uniquely crafted garments, such as jumpsuits, t-shirts, and dresses.

There is nothing flimsy or girly about the G-Star Raw brand. Their main style and influence are from the military and their pieces tend to be understated classics that have a timeless appeal.


G-Star Raw focuses a lot on neutral colours, like blacks, dark browns, and navy blues. If you are looking for some staple pieces for your wardrobe (whether summer or winter), G-Star Raw is a great choice as all their pieces can be mixed and matched and do not tend to go out of fashion.

Fans of vintage military apparel love the G-Star Raw brand and the good news is that this trendy style suits most people.

Of course, since their main line is their denim collection, if you are looking to build up your jeans wardrobe, G-Star Raw should be a natural choice.

Whether you are looking for a classic pair of straight leg blue jeans, some flared black jeans, skinny white jeans, or some quirky ripped jeans, take a look at G-Star Raw's extensive range.

Fbo customers love the way a pair of G-Star Raw jeans fit: they flatter your figure beautifully and the cut is comfortable yet stylish. These are no ordinary jeans that will only last you 1 or 2 years at the most - they are made to last and will soon become the favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe, tempting you to go out and buy more stunning G-Star Raw items.


Did you know a pair of G-Star Raw jeans will not shrink after you washed them? They have been made using top quality denim material that has been completely untreated apart from the careful heat processing. This means that your G-Star Raw jeans will continue to fit you well and will not lose their shape, even after repeated washings.

Over the years, many people have discovered how amazing G-Star Raw jeans are, including many celebrities who have been spotted wearing them.

So, if you are looking for some excellent quality clothing that you can count on to become wardrobe staples, why not consider G-Star Raw.

Let us know which G-Star Raw items are your favourites and why, because we would love to hear from you!