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How To Shop For The Perfect Summer Costume

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on November 03 2020

The summer season is now upon us and we are all looking forward to sunny days spent next to the pool and a relaxing holiday at the coast.

Now is, therefore, the ideal time to start preparing and to start thinking about a new and flattering swimming costume.

At fbo, we stock a beautiful selection of stunning swimming costumes from many popular brands like Yamamay and Be You.

 When shopping for your summer swimming costume, your first stop should be fbo as we have spacious physical stores, as well as an easy-to-use online store.

The swimming costume you choose will ultimately depend on what you are looking for in a swimsuit. Before you go shopping, think about if you would prefer a full piece costume or a bikini, what colours you would prefer, and if you are partial to any patterns or styles.

Your swimming costume should make you feel confident and you should feel comfortable wearing it around the swimming pool or beach and in public. If you feel self-conscious about wearing your swimming costume, consider a full-piece instead of a bikini and think about investing in some accessories, such as a sarong or swimsuit cover-up.

Once you have decided what you need in your swimming costume, visit us in-store at fbo or shop online. We recommend knowing your size beforehand to save you time and effort. If you don't know how to measure your swimming costume size, one of our friendly sales assistants will be able to assist you.

Your size and your preferred swimming costume type will narrow down your search in the store. It is always a good idea to try on at least 2 or 3 different costumes to see how they look on you and if you would feel confident wearing them.

Make sure that you select a swimming costume that provides the right amount of coverage. For example, if you are self-conscious about your tummy area, a bikini may not be the best option for you, and you might want to consider a full-piece swimming costume.

Many ladies feel confident wearing bikinis and do not like full-piece costumes and this is ok: the goal is to choose something that you love and that you feel comfortable wearing.

If you would like to create the illusion of slimmer hips, we suggest a plain, darker colour for the bottom of your swimming costume. You can always have a top in a lighter colour with the pattern of your choice. Choosing a high cut bottom costume is also a good idea as it makes your legs look longer and leaner.

Ladies who would like to hide their abdominal area should avoid shiny materials for a swimming costume as this highlights problem areas- rather opt for a matte colour. Again, a high-cut leg costume can help to draw the eye away from your abdomen, as does a low-cut top which highlights your bust and draws attention away from your middle.

Stripes don't have to be avoided and if you would like a striped costume, choose one that has vertical stripes, as opposed to horizontal ones.

Finally, no swimming costume is complete without a beautiful sarong and a wide-brimmed hat. A sarong can be worn for added warmth when there is a breeze and when you need to leave the pool or beach area.