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Interview Styles To Impress – How To Dress To Impress

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on December 14 2020

Do you have an important job interview coming up? If so, did you know that first impressions are everything, and your potential employer will form an opinion of you within the first five seconds of meeting you?

Here at fbo, we like to empower our customers and help them to always be at their best. With this in mind, we have compiled the ultimate guide to helping you ace your first impression at any job interview. Let’s take a look!

Less is more

When it comes to dressing for job interviews, less is definitely more! fbo recommends opting for a classic, neat and understated style that is not loud or pretentious.

A job interview is not the time to showcase the latest trends and styles. Rather, you should pick a business-smart outfit that exudes professionalism and elegance.

Remember that your potential employer is not looking to hire someone who is fashion savvy, but rather an employee who can represent the company in a presentable and positive way. Your outfit should reflect this, and a classic black or navy pants or skirt suit is ideal for this purpose. Pair this with a plain collared shirt and you have a winning combination.

Opt for neutral colours and plain patterns

Since the way you dress during an interview tends to reflect who you are as a professional, don’t try and stand out in a flashy way, but in a way that implies that you take yourself and the interview seriously.

This means forgetting about your colourful blouses, cheeky ties or brightly patterned skirts and replacing them with pants, a skirt and a jacket in a neutral colour.

Neutral colours are always in style and we advise investing in a good quality suit that you can wear to an interview. fbo has a wide range of beautiful and professional-looking corporate wear that features excellent tailoring and the highest quality.

Avoid showing too much flesh and wear clothes that are well-tailored

Showing too much flesh or wearing clothing that is tight-fitting sends the message to your potential employer that you might behave in a manner that is not appropriate because of the inappropriate choice of outfit.

In the same vein, clothing that is too loose and is not tailored properly, makes you look untidy and sloppy.

Keep make-up and fragrance to a minimum

Wearing too much perfume or aftershave can be a sensory overload and can imply that you are trying too hard.

Wearing a spray of good quality fragrance is important, but remember to use the fragrance sparingly.

Makeup should enhance your natural features and fbo recommends sticking to subdued colours. A little bit of lipstick or gloss on the lips and a light covering of foundation is normally all that is needed.

Remember the small details

Finally, the small details are very important. For instance, don’t neglect your shoes and make sure that they are clean and, if necessary, polished.

The same goes for your nails. No one expects an expensive manicure but if your nails are neatly clipped, clean and filed, this is perfect and shows that you take care of yourself. 

Hair should be neatly brushed and styled, and your clothing should be freshly laundered and not have any visible stains.

So, you worry about preparing for your interview and let us make sure that you are dressed for success! Check out our collections online or visit us in one of our outlets in Gauteng:

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If you need assistance, one of our friendly sales assistants would be glad to help you, offer valuable advice and make recommendations for you.