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Jumpsuits Long and Short – How to Buy, How to Style and How to Wear

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on December 01 2020

One of the most trending items of clothing at the moment is the jumpsuit. Whether you buy a long or short one, and regardless of the colour, you have a garment that you can style in many different ways to create an array of looks with a simple jumpsuit.

So, how do you buy a jumpsuit, and what is the best way to style it? Let us take you through everything you need to know about this must-have fashion item!

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What do I look for when buying my jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits complement all body types and are incredibly comfortable to wear.

If you are looking for a streamlined and slender silhouette, opt for a jumpsuit in a solid, darker color as this has a wonderful slimming effect. Another advantage of a jumpsuit in a plain and solid color is that you can wear it to the office as well, making it wonderfully versatile.  

While the general style of a jumpsuit is universal, there are different features that highlight certain areas of the body. Depending on your preference, you can find a variety of styles available including tapered legs, low-cut necklines, and a looser fit across the bodice.

The colours available in the range of jumpsuits also allows for versatility with the garment, with the plain jumpsuits being suitable for an office-ready look, and the more fun, floral, flirty patterns appealing to those who are looking for a casual outfit.

How do I style my jumpsuit?

Get creative as you like when styling your jumpsuit! Don't be afraid to experiment with accessories you already own, such as scarves, chunky necklaces, dangly earrings, and elegant belts.

Fbo customers love wearing their jumpsuits with a jacket or blazer. This gives you a great outfit for the office and the blazer can easily be replaced with a leather or denim jacket to complete the look for a function or a party.

It is always a good idea to wear a belt with your jumpsuit. Some jumpsuits come with belts, while others are simply cinched in at the waist. A belt accentuates the waistline, adding definition and drawing attention to the waist. If you want more of a unique look, a belt can be substituted with a silk scarf in a complementary colour.

For hot, summer days, you probably won't want to wear a jacket with your jumpsuit. If you want something to cover your arms, consider throwing a lightweight scarf or pashmina over your shoulders or wearing a cotton cardigan.

In terms of shoes, wedges look amazing with a jumpsuit! This is especially true if the jumpsuit has long, wide legs, as the height of the shoe will showcase the fabric.

Many people also prefer wearing flats, ballet pumps or strappy sandals with their jumpsuit, whether it is short or long. This is a great idea and looks very stylish if you are going for a casual look.

Finally, heels give added length to your silhouette and create an elegant look. We recommend choosing a pair of killer heels if you are wearing your jumpsuit to work or are going to a formal event.

How do you like to style your jumpsuit? Drop us a comment, as we would love to hear from you!