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Lofty Manner

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on January 28 2021

Lofty Manner is a popular Dutch brand that was founded by talented designer, Michael Vinke back in 2012.

You now have access to this up and coming brand in South Africa through fbo in our online store, as well as in our modern, physical outlets.

The Lofty Manner label was created with the young, adventurous and dynamic young lady in mind. They understand that the modern woman requires a lot more from the fashion label she wears than in years gone by and doesn’t want to compromise on quality, price or style.

When you buy a Lofty Manner garment, you are taking advantage of high street fashion prices but, at the same time, you are enjoying all the benefits of a designer label.

Lofty Manner clothing is similar to what you would find in a stylish fashion boutique in Los Angeles: unique and beautifully designed clothing that will help you to look classy, trendy and chic.

As you will notice when browsing through the Lofty Manner range of clothing at fbo, the majority of the garments give you a mix and match option, meaning that you can add individual items as and when you feel like it which will go perfectly with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Fbo customers love Lofty Manners flattering cuts that enhance their natural features and the soft and high-quality fabrics which feel great against the skin. The patterns and colours of the fabrics are also very carefully chosen and are unlike those that you would find in your boring, retail store clothing.

If you need to build up both your corporate wardrobe as well as your casual, weekend one, buying Lofty Manner items is your best bet as you won’t need many items to have a complete wardrobe complement.

Are you a fan of Lofty Manner? Let us know what you like best about it!