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Make your December gifting budget go further by shopping at fbo

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on November 30 2020

With December just around the corner, have you given any thought as to how you will be shopping for the festive season?

If the prospect of doing your Christmas shopping fills you with anxiety because of a tight budget, then we have good news for you. You can still enjoy your Christmas shopping without having to count the pennies if you shop with fbo!

We stock a wide range of high quality, branded clothing for the entire family at unparalleled low prices that can't be found elsewhere. Even though you may be on a budget, you won't have to buy budget presents for your friends and loved ones this year! All our international brands are sold at massively discounted prices.

Most of our clothing and accessories are brand name and highly sought-after, but you can indulge in them for a fraction of the expected price!

Now you can make your December gifting budget go further by doing all your Christmas shopping with fbo. Here's what you need to know!

Shop in one of our spacious and modern outlets

Many of us try to avoid the crowded shopping malls at the end of the year, and 2020 is no exception with social distancing at the front of everyone's minds. Struggling to find parking, battling the crowds, and still not finding what we are looking for is enough to make us give up.

Fbo has eight modern and spacious stores that make shopping a breeze, even during December and even during the pandemic. We also have a team of friendly and professional sales assistants to help you with whatever you require.

We have outlets in the following locations:

Joburg CBD

Kempton Park

Springs CBD

Randburg Square

Lakeside Mall

Church Square


Atterbury Value Mart

All of our outlets offer you ample parking and have a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. They are also close to all the main transport routes, making them convenient for all of our customers.

Still not keen on shopping in an outlet? Why not shop online and have your purchases delivered directly to your doorstep? Check out for more information!

Give them a gift card and save yourself a lot of hassle

Buying your Christmas presents at fbo this year makes sense, as we have something for everyone, at prices that everyone can afford. However, if you are still spoilt for choice by our extensive collection of goodies, why not give your loved ones a fbo gift card and let them choose for themselves? You are guaranteed to be the most popular person this Christmas!

Take advantage of our new stock in and stock up for Christmas!

Shop for shoes, handbags, underwear, swimwear, dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, Tees and so much more.

If your budget this year is limiting, we recommend starting your Christmas shopping early and taking advantage of the excellent prices we have to offer with up to 85% off selected items. Considering that fbo already sells at unbelievably low prices, our prices on original international brands are not to be missed and will help you to make your money go so much further.

Visit an outlet or stay tuned to our website to remain updated on all our new stock and the hottest brands and prices through the festive season.

Pick up a little something special for yourself

With the money you save doing your Christmas shopping with fbo, you'll be able to treat yourself to a little something special this year!

Whether you are looking for a new swimming costume, a pretty summer dress, or a new pair of designer sneakers, we have you covered!

Lay-By Options

Concerned about having enough money put aside for Christmas shopping this year? There is nothing to worry about because we can help you with this.

If you see something that you want in one of our stores that doesn't fit your budget at the moment, we invite you to take advantage of our lay-by facility. All you need to do is speak to one of our sales assistants and they will arrange it for you! Love it, Want it, Lay-By it.

You will be required to put down a 20% deposit and pay off the rest over the next 3 months: it's as simple as that! You are also free to cancel at any time so start shopping today!